Phew. So long as he has a book.
Sat Feb 23, 2019 20:38

Kir wondered whether, subconsciously, Gary was sabotaging himself. He wanted to talk to Jasmine, of course he did, but it was tempting to leave it up to fate - to sit with her the next time there’s a chance, and then always find yourself arriving too late, or having some kind of mishap… But he didn’t mention it. Because adding more reasons for Gary to second guess himself was not going to help.

“Girls will do that to you,” Kir nodded, “Or… well, hormones will. They - the girls - aren’t actually doing anything,” he clarified. If boys could not concentrate because of a girl in the room, that was the boy’s problem.. He supposed it was one advantage of everyone being clothed in shapeless green sacks that that sort of argument had less opportunity to arise…

“Really?” Kir blinked in surprise when Gary seemed pleased about the Disney thing. He knew just enough about the subject to know it seemed surprising that Gary liked it. He was pretty sure they were full of very stereotypical princesses who waited around to get rescued by men (and/or occasionally were about cute animals, but then someone always died). But… well, ok. He was glad it was a good discussion point, even if he had no way of understanding why. “Cool. Well, you’re welcome. Good luck.”

  • "Eh," Gary started off his response to Kir."It's just a string of really bad luck I guess. Mostly she's just already with people. But a few of the times she hasn't, I've tripped or dropped everything ... more
    • Phew. So long as he has a book. — Kir, Sat Feb 23 20:38
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