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Introducing Mr. Row
Sat Feb 23, 2019 22:37

Selina had decided that lunchtime was a convenient time for announcements - the window for lunch was narrower than other meals, and it also allowed them to give a notification out to students during their first class, requesting them to be in the hall for a particular portion of the lunchbreak. Thus they had all been asked to proceed immediately to Cascade Hall following their final morning lesson, in order to be introduced to a new staff member.

As she herself had had the intermediates right before lunch, she had deputised the librarian to meet their new staff member and guide him to the hall.

“Good morning,” she smiled at Killian when she reached the staff table, “Glad to have you with us. I’ll just tell the students a little bit about who you are and what you’ll be doing here. You’re welcome to introduce yourself too, if you’d like, but it’s totally optional. After that, just relax and have lunch with your colleagues.”

Amplifying her voice, she called for the students’ attention.

“Good morning. Today, I’d like to introduce Mr. Row to you,” she gestured to Killian, “Mr. Row is joining us as a guidance counselor and study support. This means he is able to give you advice on careers and colleges. He will also be supervising study hall sessions - designated times for you to practise class skills with adult supervision and guidance. He and Professor Philpott will manage extended study supervision between them. You may speak to whichever you prefer as a first point of contact.

“Mr. Row is not a counselor in the sense of dealing with your emotional or personal problems. For those, you should still speak to your heads of house, or any adult who you feel comfortable with.” Or, in an ideal world, just not have crises. She could but hope. Still, hopefully she had prevented them from pounding a misguided path to Killian’s office, who was qualified to meet their emotional meltdown with some university pamphlets.

“I’m sure Mr. Row will be a very helpful addition to our staff, so on behalf of all of us, welcome to Sonora,” she addressed this last part to Killian before removing the amplification charm and resuming her seat.

    • Thank you!Mr. Row, Sat Feb 23 22:45
      Killian sort of just sat for a minute, smiling like he'd gone a wee bit doaty before arriving. Perhaps he had. he certainly felt a bit out of his league being introduced by a permanent witch to a... more
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