Hilda (with some Heinrich)
Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:43

Hilda was sitting with her brother over lunch. She usually had at least one meal with him each day. Another was usually spent with Johana Leonie. The third was often at Pecari, so her Housemates didn’t think she hated them just because they didn’t speak German. It wasn’t them she disliked. It was their language. Unfortunately, English was generally a necessary part of interacting with them, so it was the roughest and least pleasant of her meals each day, and the one most likely to be dropped to spend an additional meal at Aladren or Teppenpaw.

Today, she had already had breakfast with Heinrich, but she hadn’t felt up to dealing with English any more than she already had in her common room and dorm, and she hadn’t seen Johana Leonie during her initial scan of the room. So she joined Heinrich again and he gave her a kind of annoyed look, but put his book away and seemed willing to converse with her. In German. Sometimes he got this irritating idea into his head that she needed even more exposure to the language than just being in Sonora already provided, but today wasn’t one of those times, thankfully.

Still, Heinrich had exhausted most of his conversational topics over breakfast (he really only had three - classwork, Quidditch, and English) so she was trying to carry the bulk of it when she spotted her friend and waved her over, glad for the opportunity to finally introduce them.

“Of course, sit!” Hilda invited eagerly when Johana Leonie asked for formal permission to join them. Heinrich made a resigned grunting noise. “Don’t mind him, he’s an introvert who already hit his daily quota of social interaction for today,” she assured her friend of her welcome with a teasing smile for her brother who just sighed theatrically and rolled his eyes.

“Anyway, Johana Leonie, this is my brother, Heinrich. Heinrich, Johana Leonie.”

“Hallo,” Heinrich offered dutifully.

Hilda was a little disappointed he wasn’t being a little more excited about meeting her best friend, but she wasn’t really surprised. Heinrich had never been much interested in her friends when they lived in Germany either, and he’d already been in a un-talkative mood.

“How is your Saturday going?” Hilda asked, smiling. She figured it was going to be her responsibility to hold up the Hexenmeister side of the conversation this meal. At least she could expect Johana Leonie to respond with more than monosyllabic answers.

OOC: All dialogue in German for this conversation unless specified otherwise.

  • Hallo!! Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Feb 14 15:32
    OOC - Everything Johana Leonie says is in German in this post, unless stated otherwise. IC - Johana Leonie had gotten up early Sunday morning a few weeks into the term, determined to spend some time... more
    • Willkommen! — Hilda (with some Heinrich), Tue Feb 26 12:43
      • Vielen Danke!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Feb 28 01:05
        Johana Leonie tried not to look hurt when Heinrich seemed so clearly disinterested in her presence. She wasn't awful already, was she? Perhaps he'd had a bad day . . . or perhaps he was nervous?... more
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