Lily Spencer
It certainly was.
Sun Mar 31, 2019 12:44

Lily couldn't believe how quickly time had passed. There hadn't been anything exceptionally different about this year, except that she and Jozua were a couple now and she had fewer courses to take. But being here at the last feast, the reality of leaving was finally coming to her. Now that Tod was no longer waiting for her to return home, she didn't have any plans post-Sonora. She laughed at the idea of applying to university, and working at her extended family's hospital seemed dull. She thought it would be fun travelling around the world, but it wouldn't be fun by herself.

When Jozua joined her table, she smiled and greeted him with a hug and a quick kiss. She hadn't seen him for two weeks, but she wasn't really a witch who counted down the days till she saw her beloved again. That was more of Charlotte's prerogative. Lily had missed him though, and she communicated that by briefly squeezing his hand when he sat down. She did like physical touches here and there, but she wasn't really the mushy sort.

"I imagine that was less than twenty words. Definitely a record," replied Lily, nodding.

"I know, I can't believe we won't be here next year." Not knowing where she would be next year didn't frighten her; she believed something would work out for her. "No applications for me," she continued. "I can't imagine torturing myself by studying more. I'm hardly staying afloat this year as it is." It wasn't that she was stupid either, she just didn't care about the history behind spells. However, she could admit she might be a bit stupid with theories.

In any case, more education was not in the plan, though she knew Jozua was certainly interested in it. "You set on attending university, then?" she asked. Though they had talked about his desire to go into curse breaking, they hadn't really broached the topic of where she fit into that, or what would happen after university as well. "Are you planning to send out more tedious applications? If your poor wrist can take it, that is."

OOC: Lily and Jozua could have that conversation about their future now, and I'm assuming they've only talked about his intent to go into curse breaking and not about exploring the world afterwards.

  • Wow, that was quick (tag Lily)Jozua Sparks, Sat Mar 30 14:54
    Knowing it was his last semester at Sonora, and therefore his last Feast, Jozua decided to buck tradition and go sit at Pecari with his best friend and girlfriend. He had friends in Teppenpaw he... more
    • It certainly was. — Lily Spencer, Sun Mar 31 12:44
      • Jozua nodded as Lily admitted to her complete disinterest in furthering her education. Being Aladren born - both from the town in question and to a Sonora House alumna - it wasn't quite a stance he... more
        • I wouldn't go that far.Lily, Tue Apr 2 16:32
          "I doubt you'll get rejected," said Lily adamantly. "You've accomplished so much here. Not everyone's got the same initiative that you have." Though he hadn't been Head Boy or Prefect, he'd shown how ... more
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