Felipe De Matteo
But really, it's best if you don't hate them.
Mon Apr 1, 2019 00:52

Felipe nodded in acknowledgment, sincerely glad that Jeremy's break had gone well. He supposed that was a good sign of his own developing personality. He thought that "really excellent" was sort of a weird way to describe nearly a month off school, but supposed that if Jeremy didn't want to say any more than that, then he didn't have to. How excellent could it have really been? Somehow, Felipe suspected that Jeremy spent most of it attending stuffy parties and looking down on people. He wasn't that far off himself, and couldn't quite imagine the Mordues focusing on community service, or hearing their people's needs.

He didn't say any of this, only smiling a polite social smile.

"I'm glad to hear that," Felipe replied. "My family are well, too. Break was good. The holidays are a very busy time of year for us, and it was a pleasure to spend such time with loved ones."

He doubted that Jeremy was interested in the Christmas traditions of his people, and wasn't keen on expanding them. Still, he didn't want to shut down the conversation by offering nothing noteworthy. Besides, he was curious to see how far Jeremy would go to try to impress.

"You have a very big family," Felipe suggested, enjoying the game of pushing Jeremy's family name to the front of the conversation. It was almost boring for him by this point, though, and Zara's disapproving face appeared in his mind, much to his surprise. He'd been planning to comment on how well Jeremy must understand the challenges of an important family, but realized then that yes. . . . Jeremy did understand those challenges.

"Were you able to relax at all?" he asked instead, letting some of his friendly concern, if that's what it was, appear in his eyes, and pausing his dining to give his roommate his full attention.

  • You can get by even when you do hate peopleJeremy Mordue, Sun Mar 31 01:44
    “Yes, it was excellent, thank you. Really excellent,” Jeremy nodded, as Felipe asked about his break. After all, who didn’t love Christmas? Jeremy didn’t, actually. Christmas four years ago had been... more
    • But really, it's best if you don't hate them. — Felipe De Matteo, Mon Apr 1 00:52
      • Try harder thenJeremy Mordue, Mon Apr 1 08:28
        You have a very big family. The jug from which Jeremy had been pouring jerked abruptly, spilling juice on the table. A nearby napkin leapt to attention, mopping it up. What was that supposed to mean? ... more
        • I was trying quite hard, thank you very much. Felipe De Matteo, Tue Apr 2 20:25
          Felipe withdrew slightly, replying the last part of their conversation to review whether he'd said something wrong. As near as he could tell, which was pretty near since he was pretty good at this... more
          • Ok then....Jeremy Mordue, Wed Apr 3 08:56
            “I see,” Jeremy replied evenly, when Felipe claimed only to be talking about the presence of cousins and such like – apparently something he lacked. “Well, with Nathaniel and Sylvia being the same... more
            • Glad that's settled. Felipe De Matteo, Wed Apr 3 11:41
              Felipe bristled at Jeremy's words. He was well aware that the Mordue cousins were close in age, and that they spent time together outside of school. Did Jeremy think he was a moron? It wasn't like he ... more
              • Yup. Good.Jeremy Mordue, Thu Apr 4 08:29
                Jeremy tried not to raise his eyebrows in sheer disbelief at Felipe. Ok, yes they all had to put on a face and say proper things but he sounded like he’d swallowed a school pamphlet. Jeremy only came ... more
                • Great. Felipe De Matteo, Thu Apr 4 18:49
                  Ah, yes, because there's no one in the world more interesting than the rest of Crotalus. Felipe heartily regretted being the sort of boy who would be placed there all of a sudden. He wondered whether ... more
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