Get in everything and annoy people?
Tue Apr 2, 2019 04:34

"Wow. I can't imagine spending time with that many people," Cleo laughed, "Are there even that many people at school?" she joked. She thought Sonora probably just about edged it on numbers but then it wasn't like she was expected to know and want to socialise with absolutely everyone here. Admittedly, Jasmine had just talked about avoiding people, but still... they were all related and connected somehow. It made her head spin a little bit. As did the casual mention of mansions and horses... She knew that Jasmine's life was pretty different to hers, and it felt like almost everyone at school had a lot more than she did, but even though it seemed to be the norm here, it was still strange to her, and was hard to imagine.

"I was also around my whole entire family but that's like... four people. We stay with my grandparents for a couple of days over Christmas itself. The big bonus there is TV, so we watch a lot of Christmas stuff. The rest of the time, I helped daddy keep shop or did my homework. Rock and roll lifestyle," she laughed, "I made a friend at this magical summer fair last year and she lives a town over, so I saw her a bit.

"How old are your siblings?" Cleo asked, realising that she didn't really know basic things like this about Jasmine.

  • We can be like glitterJasmine, Mon Apr 1 10:53
    "Hi," Jasmine smiled at Cleo as the older girl sat down in the empty seat next to her. Her sparkly pink purse still sat in the chair on her other side, saving the spot for Peyton in case her roommate ... more
    • Get in everything and annoy people? — Cleo, Tue Apr 2 04:34
      • No. Be shiny and fabulous!Jasmine, Tue Apr 2 09:37
        “Oh, it’s not that big,” Jasmine quickly corrected when her Mom’s family was compared to the size of the whole school. “The size of Crotalus, maybe,” she conceded, “but not the whole school. There’s... more
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