Georgia Kirkly
True colours (tag Zevalyn)
Tue Apr 2, 2019 07:35

Georgia’s break had been fifty-fifty - in the usual sense, of fifty percent spent with mom and fifty with dad, but also in the sense that one of those things had been a lot more fun than the other. Her mom was getting seriously into her stride on the ‘what are you going to do with your life?’ track. She was definitely the less chill parent, and worried about like… literally everything. Georgia had a theory it was because she’d made such a hash of her own life, but that was no reason to constantly be on her back about whether she was applying to college, whether she saw her future in the Muggle or the magical world and all the other questions she’d had fired at her. Georgia didn’t know. Her main goals right now were to make the concert performance amazing, and in the long term, not turn into her mother. It had been pretty tempting a couple of times to give that answer when her mom went on about needing a plan or Georgia’s lack of direction and blah blah blah, but she had kept her Teppenpaw cool, and eventually promised to at least talk to the guidance guy and work out some options, which had done a bit to stem the relentless flow of ‘I just want to make sure you’ll be alright’.

At Dad’s, the concert had been treated like the big news that she felt it should be. This wasn’t surprising, as he’d been the one to really encourage her to join, and stick with, the choir, and to improve her singing. This had mostly been done in the most excellent and acceptable format of binge watching ‘Glee’ and all the ‘Pitch Perfect’ movies during her previous vacations. They had revisited the latter, plus picked a few favourite episodes of the former during the Christmas break. This had only fuelled her perhaps somewhat unrealistic expectations for Teppenpaw’s concert performance to not only be absolutely flawless but also totally epic in every way. She wanted to make her dad proud of her.

She also felt like she had a bit of a point to prove… Some of the first things Georgia had heard about the wizarding world had been why her mother had been so badly bullied as to not have wanted much to do with it as an adult. Thus she had come into school expecting The Whole Blood Thing to be an issue. And it was. It wasn’t possible to deny that blood mattered to people, even if it had never been as overt in her interactions with others as it had been for her mother. Therefore Ruby Brockert being made the head of the choir had not surprised Georgia exactly - because of course those type of girls were going to promote their own - it was the whole point of families like theirs that you helped push your own relatives ahead, and pushed other people down. Whether it really was because of blood or something else didn’t even matter. It hurt to have been overlooked after working hard to be a part of something for so many years - only to have it confirmed that, as you had suspected all along, you weren’t really valued the same way as everyone else, and to have someone assume that a fourth year would do a better job - and also that she, as a seventh year, would be happy to do what she was told by them. That wasn’t happening. It had irked her that Ruby had pushed the fact that she was running the choir at the meeting. What happened to having Teppenpaw diplomacy to shove that in Georgia’s face during a meeting that she was chairing? Plus it had been clearly stated that the prefects were in charge, and Georgia was more than qualified, seeing as she had been a member of the choir for as long as she’d had the opportunity. So, she would be leading this. She was not going to be bossed around by a fourth year, and was so freaking glad that the concert - which she had been looking forward to coming around again so much - had nothing to do with the choir, a place where her voice had never felt like it mattered.

And now she was back, for her last Sonora feast. As she had stepped off the wagon into the cold December air, the summer had still felt like a long way away, but stepping into the hall, there was a sense of the beginning of the end… She had thought a bit about how this would be the last one, during the wagon ride, and how she wanted to spend it. Over the years, she had mostly sat at the Teppenpaw table, in spite of the freer reign at the Returning Feast. She and Zev had gone visiting once each. In some ways, she felt like that was nice and neat, and maybe she should just stick with Teppenpaw because that was an identity that mattered to her. But that of being Zev’s best friend mattered more and she wanted them to spend their last feast together (and heck, if that wasn’t showing Teppenpaw spirit, then she didn’t know what was). The thought crossed her mind that they should do something crazy like both abscond and sit at Pecari table - or split up and take Pecari and Crotalus, just so that between them they’d sat everywhere for a feast, but she didn’t really consider those ideas seriously. And so, she made her way over to Aladren table.

“Mind if I invade?” she asked Zevalyn with a smile.

(OOC - Georgia’s reasoning is coloured by her experience and her mother’s and may not be reflective of what other characters really think of her).

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                • Naturally. I am very reasonable.Katerina, Sat Apr 6 10:23
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    • True colours (tag Zevalyn) — Georgia Kirkly, Tue Apr 2 07:35
      • Shining throughZevalyn Ives, Thu Apr 4 14:13
        Zevalyn would never take Christmas home with her family for granted again. It was not the first one she’d had since she started at Sonora, but it still felt fresh and almost unexpected that nothing... more
        • And that's why I love youGeorgia, Fri Apr 5 21:25
          “Christmas was pretty good,” she smiled. The whole ‘Christmas at separate houses’ thing had stung for the first few years but now she was just used to it. She had felt for a long time that magic had... more
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      • You can get by even when you do hate peopleJeremy Mordue, Sun Mar 31 01:44
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        • But really, it's best if you don't hate them. Felipe De Matteo, Mon Apr 1 00:52
          Felipe nodded in acknowledgment, sincerely glad that Jeremy's break had gone well. He supposed that was a good sign of his own developing personality. He thought that "really excellent" was sort of a ... more
          • Try harder thenJeremy Mordue, Mon Apr 1 08:28
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            • I was trying quite hard, thank you very much. Felipe De Matteo, Tue Apr 2 20:25
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              • Ok then....Jeremy Mordue, Wed Apr 3 08:56
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                • Glad that's settled. Felipe De Matteo, Wed Apr 3 11:41
                  Felipe bristled at Jeremy's words. He was well aware that the Mordue cousins were close in age, and that they spent time together outside of school. Did Jeremy think he was a moron? It wasn't like he ... more
                  • Yup. Good.Jeremy Mordue, Thu Apr 4 08:29
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                    • Great. Felipe De Matteo, Thu Apr 4 18:49
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      • We can be like glitterJasmine, Mon Apr 1 10:53
        "Hi," Jasmine smiled at Cleo as the older girl sat down in the empty seat next to her. Her sparkly pink purse still sat in the chair on her other side, saving the spot for Peyton in case her roommate ... more
        • Get in everything and annoy people?Cleo, Tue Apr 2 04:34
          "Wow. I can't imagine spending time with that many people," Cleo laughed, "Are there even that many people at school?" she joked. She thought Sonora probably just about edged it on numbers but then... more
          • No. Be shiny and fabulous!Jasmine, Tue Apr 2 09:37
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      • It certainly was.Lily Spencer, Sun Mar 31 12:44
        Lily couldn't believe how quickly time had passed. There hadn't been anything exceptionally different about this year, except that she and Jozua were a couple now and she had fewer courses to take.... more
        • Jozua nodded as Lily admitted to her complete disinterest in furthering her education. Being Aladren born - both from the town in question and to a Sonora House alumna - it wasn't quite a stance he... more
          • I wouldn't go that far.Lily, Tue Apr 2 16:32
            "I doubt you'll get rejected," said Lily adamantly. "You've accomplished so much here. Not everyone's got the same initiative that you have." Though he hadn't been Head Boy or Prefect, he'd shown how ... more
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