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Tue Apr 2, 2019 09:37

“Oh, it’s not that big,” Jasmine quickly corrected when her Mom’s family was compared to the size of the whole school. “The size of Crotalus, maybe,” she conceded, “but not the whole school. There’s just over twenty of us. The Nash group is small since Uncle Daniel is single and childless, so there’s just the three of them. Us Delachenes are the second largest contingent after Uncle Luke’s group, but he’s the oldest so he had a head start. We were tied before my oldest cousin had her baby.“

Jasmine blinked a little the idea of only having a grand total of four people in her entire family. There were five in her immediate household, and while adding in the Delachene side only added two, that was still seven people, which was basically twice that size. Jasmine was therefore able to conclude that Cleo had no siblings and only a single parent.

The fact that Cleo was half-veela was not something Jasmine had read into enough to have really made that connection earlier. But while math wasn’t exactly her greatest strength either, 4 minus 2 was pretty basic arithmetic, even for Jasmine. So with two grandparents, and Cleo, that only left room for one parent. And she kind of remembered Cleo talking about her dad before so he must be the one still in the picture. Again, the presence of a veela in Cleo’s immediate lineage failed to compute as relevant.

Jasmine felt sympathy go out to the older girl. She’d been spared single parenthood - Mom and Dad had a pretty good working marriage, possibly because Dad was the easy-going adaptable sort of Pecari and Mom was good at only seeing what she wanted to see - but there was enough divorce in the Greer-Burbridge side of her family that she knew it wasn’t easy, and her oldest cousin with the kids wasn’t married either. And that wasn’t even considering whatever situation Jasmine herself had been born to before Mom and Dad adopted her.

Fortunately, Cleo asked about her siblings before she had to say anything about these conclusions. “My sister is Anya - Anastasia, if you want to be formal, but only Mom ever calls her that, because Anya is never formal if she can help it.” Jasmine sighed the sigh of the put-upon older sister and rolled her eyes a little. “If I didn’t already know we were both adopted, I’d wonder how we could be related. Anyway, she’ll turn eleven this May. So she should be starting here at Sonora in September. She’ll be a Pecari,” Jasmine added with confidence.

“My brother Phillippe is two years younger than her, so he’s eight, going on nine. If I did my math right, he should start when I’m a seventh year.” She remembered then that Cleo was older than her, and a disappointed look came over her face. “You’ll miss him by a year.” She brightened up again. “But he’ll come see the concert.”

OOC: Size of Crotalus estimated from Student List, not active character list.

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    "Wow. I can't imagine spending time with that many people," Cleo laughed, "Are there even that many people at school?" she joked. She thought Sonora probably just about edged it on numbers but then... more
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