Can I do that from a corner without attracting attention?
Wed Apr 3, 2019 07:32

Sharing your childhood, with someone you had very little in common with sounded strange, and complicated, and like hard work. She guessed it was a bit like having a roommate, in that same sense of being forced to share your life with someone you had no guarantee of getting on with and being supposed to care how they felt about everything even if what they wanted was stupid or annoying. She was quite glad hers hadn't lasted – she was aware that she was possibly a bad person for thinking such things (or that it was, in fact, evidence of her being a non-person and maybe she should try to have kinder gentler thoughts if she didn’t want to be a monster) but that degree of forced companionship had not suited her. Cleo had occasionally wondered what it would be like to have a sibling but on the whole was glad she didn't - she had also sometimes wished to know more about her mom, and looking at how that had turned out was pretty much an embodiment of the phrase 'be careful what you wish for.' Still, for Jasmine that was normal, and she probably couldn't imagine it any other way any more than Cleo could.

"How do you know?" Cleo asked, when Jasmine stated with certainty that Anya would be a Pecari.

"Oh yikes, the concert,” she grimaced, “I’d almost managed to forget about that. Hopefully just quietly sitting in a corner or running whatever errands I’m given will do in terms of being an organiser.”

  • No. Be shiny and fabulous!Jasmine, Tue Apr 2 09:37
    “Oh, it’s not that big,” Jasmine quickly corrected when her Mom’s family was compared to the size of the whole school. “The size of Crotalus, maybe,” she conceded, “but not the whole school. There’s... more
    • Can I do that from a corner without attracting attention? — Cleo, Wed Apr 3 07:32
      • “I mean,” Jasmine backtracked slightly when Cleo questioned her certainty of Anya’s sorting, “anything is possible, but I’d be really surprised if she got anything else. She’s just . . . really... more
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