Felipe De Matteo
Glad that's settled.
Wed Apr 3, 2019 11:41

Felipe bristled at Jeremy's words. He was well aware that the Mordue cousins were close in age, and that they spent time together outside of school. Did Jeremy think he was a moron? It wasn't like he didn't know how family worked just because his own was rather small these days. Then Jeremy went on to say what a drag it must've been to be busy. Considering Felipe was busy with festivities and community service, he would hardly have described it as a drag. He thought of the faces of those who only had anything to eat for the holidays because of his family's work and suddenly felt rather violently angry towards his roommate. Those people were not a drag.

He did have to acknowledge that he hadn't explained why he was busy or what he was doing for the break, but Jeremy hadn't asked either. What if he'd been busy with social engagements? He doubted the pureblood snotface would've been so keen to call those things a drag. What if he'd been busy caring for his sick mother or something? Where did Jeremy get off calling his busy home life a drag when comments about his own home life set him off?

Luckily, Jeremy turned the conversation. He did so with a joke, which seemed rather impolite, but Felipe was beyond expecting better from him at this point in the conversation. He wasn't quite sure whether he was asking about classes being a rest because it was an easy transition, or because he thought that Felipe's academic performance left something to desire in the effort department. He did seem to be trying to cool off, though, and Felipe wasn't interested in prolonging the more heated part of the conversation.

"Classes were good last term," Felipe assured him, ignoring the joke altogether. He mentally ran through his classes, both the highs and lows, and remembered Zara again. Darn it if that girl wasn't going to be good for him. He sighed to himself and made a point of letting his anger go. "It was really nice to meet new people. I feel very welcome here, and it's been a pleasure to learn so many new things in such a positive environment." Nodding as if that titled his experiences here sufficiently, he turned the question to Jeremy.

"How about for you? I've found that the castle grounds are particularly suited to study. Were you able to enjoy them at all?" It struck Felipe then that he'd hardly known what Jeremy did with his spare time, and they'd lived in the same room for the past several months. Guilt washed over him as he was sure that his father would be disappointed. Zara probably would be too. "If you'd like to study together this term, I'm sure that would be good."

  • Ok then....Jeremy Mordue, Wed Apr 3 08:56
    “I see,” Jeremy replied evenly, when Felipe claimed only to be talking about the presence of cousins and such like – apparently something he lacked. “Well, with Nathaniel and Sylvia being the same... more
    • Glad that's settled. — Felipe De Matteo, Wed Apr 3 11:41
      • Yup. Good.Jeremy Mordue, Thu Apr 4 08:29
        Jeremy tried not to raise his eyebrows in sheer disbelief at Felipe. Ok, yes they all had to put on a face and say proper things but he sounded like he’d swallowed a school pamphlet. Jeremy only came ... more
        • Great. Felipe De Matteo, Thu Apr 4 18:49
          Ah, yes, because there's no one in the world more interesting than the rest of Crotalus. Felipe heartily regretted being the sort of boy who would be placed there all of a sudden. He wondered whether ... more
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