Tatiana Vorontsova
Returning in style.
Wed Apr 3, 2019 12:51

Many students - and staff, come to that - would have been surprised to hear it, but Tatiana had actually hesitated for a few moments before wrapping a wide belt, elaborately embroidered in gold thread, around the waist of her green robes. She used such devices, along with her jewelry, to add some relief to her stark green uniform often, and always had, but now it concerned her somewhat, made her worry for a moment that emphasizing her waist might in some way clue the rest of the school in to the notion her mother had taken - the notion that Tatiana had somehow developed A Figure.

Experimentation, however, had thankfully proven this not to be the case; the fabric, meant to be worn rather loosely, bunched so that she looked more or less the same as she always had in it, without any clear indicators showing of the uncomfortable new apparatus beneath. Her slip kept the damned thing from actually cutting into her skin, but the pressure was constant and annoying and she hated it and wondered if she could get away with not wearing it at all at school or if that would just make it that much more uncomfortable when she got home and had to do so to placate Mama.

The rest of her additions to the uniform, however, had caused no such hesitations, and so, as was her custom, she arrived at the Feast decked out as closely as she could to how she would dress for a feast at home. Her hair - still loose past her shoulders; at least Mama was not pretending she was marriageable! - was held back from her face by a wide velvet ribbon tied around her head, its width also embroidered and studded with seed pearls. Her diamonds flashed at her ears and, since it was a special occasion, had aquamarine drops hanging down from them; more aquamarines and diamonds glittered at her throat. Her wrists were encircled in links and bands of gold, two clinking softly together every time she moved on one wrist and three on the other, and she had five rings spread across her two hands, all intricate, tiny pieces of filigree punctuated with sapphires and emeralds and one narrow row of rubies in a setting which almost reached the knuckle of the longest finger on her right hand. And on her shoulder, partially obscuring her House badge, opals blazed from a new brooch. Even for her, even for a feast, this was a bit much, though perhaps only her closest friends would realize this.

She touched the brooch absently from time to time as the Hall filled up, people greeting friends and roommates and the like and chatting in mostly English. Tatiana understood more of it at a distance, without concentrating specifically, now; she was not quite sure when that had begun, or why once, answering a question over the holiday, she had started to give her answer in English, then fumbled when she realized that what she wanted to say did not have, so far as she knew, a direct Russian equivalent. Touching her jewels, so unlike the plainness of the Americans around her, was soothing; it reminded her who she was, undergarments and parties and English or none.

The headmaster had always earned a certain degree of approval from Tatiana with his speeches, which tended to be short and not use much vocabulary that she hadn't known even before she came here. He did not disappoint her by deviating from pattern now, and so she was able to quickly get to her food, which she was more than eager enough for.

All her life, Mama had told her that she would get fat and have to go for runs if she gobbled the way she was often inclined to, but Tatiana liked runs, and had not gotten fat (in her opinion, anywhere) yet. She filled her plate, then, with anything that looked appetizing, or which she knew from past experience was good to eat. There were thick slices of beef, a dish of narrow beans with some kind of crumbly white cheese and slivers of some form of nut in them, a strange root vegetable which looked almost like a potato on the outside but which was bright orange and sweet on the inside, bread almost as light as kulich and, if nothing like as sweet as kulich, still sweeter than most western bread, and bright slices of fruits on her plate, with a grape already between her fingers on its way to her mouth before her other hand ever reached for anything to drink.

"Good new year to you," she said politely to her neighbor. "And many years more."

  • Returning FeastHeadmaster Brockert, Fri Mar 29 20:04
    The more things changed, the more they stayed the same.Except that things were basically all the latter. Mortimer was honestly glad to be back at Sonora where socializing wasn't required of him on a... more
    • Post-Feast AnnouncementsDH Skies, Sat Apr 6 07:45
      As the crumbs faded from the feast, Selina stood. Post-feast speeches were not a common occurrence but she felt that one was warranted on this occasion, as there were a few points the headmaster... more
      • Thank you for everything. Evelyn Stones, Mon Apr 8 20:15
        Evelyn was not thinking about anything of any weight when she was eating her meal, she was just eating her meal. It was nice to see everyone again, and it was good to be back at Sonora. It had been... more
        • I didn't do muchDH Skies, Thu Apr 11 07:14
          Selina was surprised to find a student approaching her at the end of the meal. And a non-Crotalus student, at that. Though one with a penchant for disasters in Transfiguration, and a fairly turbulent ... more
    • Returning and feasting.Simon Mordue, Thu Apr 4 11:50
      Midterm had, as far as Simon had been concerned, been satisfactory. They had seen and been seen, his aunt had not behaved too cringe-inducingly in public, and there had been gifts and lots of good... more
    • Silly kids, Trix are for rabbits.Katerina Vorontsov, Thu Apr 4 10:57
      It was peculiar, Katya thought, watching other girls around the room as they entered and took their seats. At home, a woman wore jewels, or displayed them in her home, as a show of wealth and taste,... more
      • On behalf of rabbits, I object Dorian Montoir, Fri Apr 5 08:56
        Professor Brooding's wedding had quite possibly been the best eight hours of his life. It had been so perfect, and he had found it hard to keep the promise he had made to his mother that he would... more
        • Katya was not precisely pleased to have everyone else also noticing Tatiana, but neither was she surprised. Dorian was not, after all, blind, and neither was the rest of the student body. "Some... more
          • You are not saying that we play tricks?Dorian, Fri Apr 5 21:59
            ”Brosh,” Dorian shrugged with a slightly apologetic smile, showing that he knew the Russian rather than supplying the English. “You can say to me jewellery words in Russian. I will understand,” he... more
            • Katya knew her sister rather well. Katya knew that her sister and Dorian were very close. Katya even knew that men ought to have some interest in baubles, if only so they knew the value of their... more
              • Oh. That sounds much more reasonable. Dorian, Fri Apr 5 23:47
                “No, I learn from Tatya,” Dorian confirmed, when Katerina - if he understood her correctly - asked whether he had learnt such words due to her sister or a family business. He knew some of them in... more
                • Naturally. I am very reasonable.Katerina, Sat Apr 6 10:23
                  Katya did not know if she knew how to explain the issue with her sister in such a way that it would be comprehensible to someone who, to her surprise, seemed to genuinely think it was something that... more
                  • Except towards your sisterDorian, Mon Apr 8 08:30
                    Dorian was rather taken aback by Katya’s comments. Having spent his whole life having his sibling complain that he behaved in a way that didn’t fit his gender, he wondered what was wrong with Tatya... more
                    • I think I'm being fair to her as well.Katerina, Mon Apr 8 17:38
                      "Tatya is devochka," confirmed Katya. "But she should be big one now. Instead she is like - " she struggled with words - "she like the girl who - oh, what is word?" she asked, snapping her fingers... more
    • Returning in style. — Tatiana Vorontsova, Wed Apr 3 12:51
      • und Sie sind schönHilda Hexenmeister, Thu Apr 4 15:24
        Hilda entered the Cascade Hall wearing a frown. Heinrich had strongly suggested that it would be advisable for her to sit at the Pecari table for the Feast rather than with him or Johana Leonie. She... more
        • Danke.Tatiana, Thu Apr 4 16:45
          Tatiana did not quite understand the first year's accented English any more than the younger girl understood hers, and drew a blank in how to answer the question she thought she heard. More... more
    • I have friendliness! (Tag a Tepp)Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Tue Apr 2 20:06
      Johana Leonie's winter break had been perfect. She hadn't really realized how homesick she was until she went home again, and seeing her brother, her parents, and everyone in the community was enough ... more
      • That's good, I like friendlinessBridget Ferguson, Thu Apr 4 18:40
        Bridget had been glad to go home for midterm. Mama was doing a bit better-she had gotten better from what she had when the Teppenpaw had left for Sonora, then gotten sick again, then got better... more
        • I like you! Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Apr 4 19:06
          Johana Leonie was thrilled to find that her greeting, the most standard, cliche thing she could've started with, had worked! Now she was going to have a conversation with a new person. Well, sort of... more
          • Aw thanks! I like you too.Bridget, Sun Apr 14 18:24
            "Oh that sounds nice." Bridget replied. She couldn't imagine how hard it was going to school in a different country that spoke a totally different language. Especially since she didn't actually speak ... more
    • True colours (tag Zevalyn)Georgia Kirkly, Tue Apr 2 07:35
      Georgia’s break had been fifty-fifty - in the usual sense, of fifty percent spent with mom and fifty with dad, but also in the sense that one of those things had been a lot more fun than the other.... more
      • Shining throughZevalyn Ives, Thu Apr 4 14:13
        Zevalyn would never take Christmas home with her family for granted again. It was not the first one she’d had since she started at Sonora, but it still felt fresh and almost unexpected that nothing... more
        • And that's why I love youGeorgia, Fri Apr 5 21:25
          “Christmas was pretty good,” she smiled. The whole ‘Christmas at separate houses’ thing had stung for the first few years but now she was just used to it. She had felt for a long time that magic had... more
    • I don't hate you, so that's good enough. (Tag Jeremy)Felipe De Matteo, Sat Mar 30 23:42
      As usual, the Headmaster's speech was . . . underwhelming. Felipe found it an admirable quality in a speaker, and was happy to begin the Feast with a great level of promptness than they'd done at the ... more
      • You can get by even when you do hate peopleJeremy Mordue, Sun Mar 31 01:44
        “Yes, it was excellent, thank you. Really excellent,” Jeremy nodded, as Felipe asked about his break. After all, who didn’t love Christmas? Jeremy didn’t, actually. Christmas four years ago had been... more
        • But really, it's best if you don't hate them. Felipe De Matteo, Mon Apr 1 00:52
          Felipe nodded in acknowledgment, sincerely glad that Jeremy's break had gone well. He supposed that was a good sign of his own developing personality. He thought that "really excellent" was sort of a ... more
          • Try harder thenJeremy Mordue, Mon Apr 1 08:28
            You have a very big family. The jug from which Jeremy had been pouring jerked abruptly, spilling juice on the table. A nearby napkin leapt to attention, mopping it up. What was that supposed to mean? ... more
            • I was trying quite hard, thank you very much. Felipe De Matteo, Tue Apr 2 20:25
              Felipe withdrew slightly, replying the last part of their conversation to review whether he'd said something wrong. As near as he could tell, which was pretty near since he was pretty good at this... more
              • Ok then....Jeremy Mordue, Wed Apr 3 08:56
                “I see,” Jeremy replied evenly, when Felipe claimed only to be talking about the presence of cousins and such like – apparently something he lacked. “Well, with Nathaniel and Sylvia being the same... more
                • Glad that's settled. Felipe De Matteo, Wed Apr 3 11:41
                  Felipe bristled at Jeremy's words. He was well aware that the Mordue cousins were close in age, and that they spent time together outside of school. Did Jeremy think he was a moron? It wasn't like he ... more
                  • Yup. Good.Jeremy Mordue, Thu Apr 4 08:29
                    Jeremy tried not to raise his eyebrows in sheer disbelief at Felipe. Ok, yes they all had to put on a face and say proper things but he sounded like he’d swallowed a school pamphlet. Jeremy only came ... more
                    • Great. Felipe De Matteo, Thu Apr 4 18:49
                      Ah, yes, because there's no one in the world more interesting than the rest of Crotalus. Felipe heartily regretted being the sort of boy who would be placed there all of a sudden. He wondered whether ... more
    • Sticking with my own kind (tag Jasmine)Cleo James, Sat Mar 30 22:48
      Cleo made her way over to the Crotalus table. A part of her had been tempted to go and sit at Pecari, seeing as it contained the two students she probably got on with best. However, that seemed a... more
      • We can be like glitterJasmine, Mon Apr 1 10:53
        "Hi," Jasmine smiled at Cleo as the older girl sat down in the empty seat next to her. Her sparkly pink purse still sat in the chair on her other side, saving the spot for Peyton in case her roommate ... more
        • Get in everything and annoy people?Cleo, Tue Apr 2 04:34
          "Wow. I can't imagine spending time with that many people," Cleo laughed, "Are there even that many people at school?" she joked. She thought Sonora probably just about edged it on numbers but then... more
          • No. Be shiny and fabulous!Jasmine, Tue Apr 2 09:37
            “Oh, it’s not that big,” Jasmine quickly corrected when her Mom’s family was compared to the size of the whole school. “The size of Crotalus, maybe,” she conceded, “but not the whole school. There’s... more
    • Wow, that was quick (tag Lily)Jozua Sparks, Sat Mar 30 14:54
      Knowing it was his last semester at Sonora, and therefore his last Feast, Jozua decided to buck tradition and go sit at Pecari with his best friend and girlfriend. He had friends in Teppenpaw he... more
      • It certainly was.Lily Spencer, Sun Mar 31 12:44
        Lily couldn't believe how quickly time had passed. There hadn't been anything exceptionally different about this year, except that she and Jozua were a couple now and she had fewer courses to take.... more
        • Jozua nodded as Lily admitted to her complete disinterest in furthering her education. Being Aladren born - both from the town in question and to a Sonora House alumna - it wasn't quite a stance he... more
          • I wouldn't go that far.Lily, Tue Apr 2 16:32
            "I doubt you'll get rejected," said Lily adamantly. "You've accomplished so much here. Not everyone's got the same initiative that you have." Though he hadn't been Head Boy or Prefect, he'd shown how ... more
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