Jeremy Mordue
Yup. Good.
Thu Apr 4, 2019 08:29

Jeremy tried not to raise his eyebrows in sheer disbelief at Felipe. Ok, yes they all had to put on a face and say proper things but he sounded like he’d swallowed a school pamphlet. Jeremy only came out with such trite bull when it was going to get him somewhere - when it could curry favour with a tutor or with his uncle. He might have assumed Felipe was being sarcastic if he wasn’t so overly earnest and wholesome about just about everything. Plus the fact that Jeremy had nothing to give Felipe in return for sucking up to the school board, all of which indicated he might possibly genuinely mean that. What a loser. Although he didn’t make any truly obvious facial reaction like raising his eyebrows or rolling his eyes, the corners of his mouth twitched in amused smirk which likely told Felipe all he needed to know about what Jeremy thought of his response.

“I mostly do my studying in the Common Room,” he replied. After all, why would he venture outside it? Crotalus was where all the best people were. “Sometimes the library, so I can work with my brother,” he added. “It’s pretty convenient having someone on hand whose done all the homework before,” he added. Nathaniel seemed determined that Jeremy wouldn’t fail. At the moment, that mostly involved being on his case and nagging him like mother. But Jeremy was gradually working out how to push Nathaniel’s buttons to get him to give more of the answers. Not that Jeremy couldn’t work them out for himself, just why bother when there was a ready source of information on hand?

“Outside of that, I’m mostly on the pitch,” he added, “But yes, it would be pleasant to study together,” he added, not because it actually would be - if Felipe was annoying and sanctimonious in daily conversation, he would probably be insufferable during any kind of academic pursuit - but because clearly he was expected to agree to that and it would be rude not to.

  • Glad that's settled. Felipe De Matteo, Wed Apr 3 11:41
    Felipe bristled at Jeremy's words. He was well aware that the Mordue cousins were close in age, and that they spent time together outside of school. Did Jeremy think he was a moron? It wasn't like he ... more
    • Yup. Good. — Jeremy Mordue, Thu Apr 4 08:29
      • Great. Felipe De Matteo, Thu Apr 4 18:49
        Ah, yes, because there's no one in the world more interesting than the rest of Crotalus. Felipe heartily regretted being the sort of boy who would be placed there all of a sudden. He wondered whether ... more
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