Bridget Ferguson
That's good, I like friendliness
Thu Apr 4, 2019 18:40

Bridget had been glad to go home for midterm. Mama was doing a bit better-she had gotten better from what she had when the Teppenpaw had left for Sonora, then gotten sick again, then got better again, though was still not at all healthy-and both her parents had been super happy to see her. She'd had her birthday too, a party with just her family. Which was all that Bridget had wanted.

Besides, it wasn't as if she'd really made any friends at school to invite. Her roommates were nice enough but the first year had been rather withdrawn so hadn't gotten very close to them. She wasn't the most outgoing of people anyway but worrying about her parents made it harder to deal with socializing.

So now she was back at school and lonely. Bridget had Sophia but they were in different houses which left her on her own at the Teppenpaw table for the Returning Feast. Which she guessed wasn't quite as bad as being on her own at a different table.

She took a seat across from her roommate, Johana Leonie as Headmaster Brockert gave his greeting. Honestly, Bridget couldn't blame him for making it so short. First of all, he was addressing a room full of teenagers who were probably cranky, hungry and tired and so didn't want to listen to a long speech. Secondly, if he didn't have anything really to announce, why bother prolonging things?

Johana Leonie addressed her as Bridget took some meatloaf. "It was good, thanks. How was yours?"

  • I have friendliness! (Tag a Tepp)Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Tue Apr 2 20:06
    Johana Leonie's winter break had been perfect. She hadn't really realized how homesick she was until she went home again, and seeing her brother, her parents, and everyone in the community was enough ... more
    • That's good, I like friendliness — Bridget Ferguson, Thu Apr 4 18:40
      • I like you! Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Apr 4 19:06
        Johana Leonie was thrilled to find that her greeting, the most standard, cliche thing she could've started with, had worked! Now she was going to have a conversation with a new person. Well, sort of... more
        • Aw thanks! I like you too.Bridget, Sun Apr 14 18:24
          "Oh that sounds nice." Bridget replied. She couldn't imagine how hard it was going to school in a different country that spoke a totally different language. Especially since she didn't actually speak ... more
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