Oh? I thought Trix were what rabbits wanted most.
Fri Apr 5, 2019 17:57

Katya was not precisely pleased to have everyone else also noticing Tatiana, but neither was she surprised. Dorian was not, after all, blind, and neither was the rest of the student body.

"Some Christmas," she said, glad he had used the English word first so she didn't slip and say Rozhdestvo instead. "She gets - what she wears here for Christmas," added Katya, pointing to the spot above her own House badge as she realized she was not quite sure she knew the English word for a brooch.

Privately, Katya thought the opal brooch a bit ugly, and certainly ostentatious - the two not seeming so far removed from each other to her as they might have to some. Tatiana was awfully fond of opals, though, so her latching on to that piece when Papa had had a selection laid out for her to pick her own big present from had not been surprising. More surprising had been Papa letting her have two things this year, when she had wavered between that brooch and the strand of comparatively small but quite exquisite peacock-black sea pearls from Polynesia. Tatiana's liking for irregular sea pearls had its precedent in her baroque blue strands and the earrings she wore with those, but those were only Japanese - more valuable than the freshwater strands they all had for everyday wear, but rather less valuable than anything from the south seas. Katya considered this latest acquisition a bit ridiculous, at least for a fourteen-year-old girl, and she knew Mama agreed with her.

"Did you receive good gifts this year?" she asked.

  • On behalf of rabbits, I object Dorian Montoir, Fri Apr 5 08:56
    Professor Brooding's wedding had quite possibly been the best eight hours of his life. It had been so perfect, and he had found it hard to keep the promise he had made to his mother that he would... more
    • Oh? I thought Trix were what rabbits wanted most. — Katerina, Fri Apr 5 17:57
      • You are not saying that we play tricks?Dorian, Fri Apr 5 21:59
        ”Brosh,” Dorian shrugged with a slightly apologetic smile, showing that he knew the Russian rather than supplying the English. “You can say to me jewellery words in Russian. I will understand,” he... more
        • Katya knew her sister rather well. Katya knew that her sister and Dorian were very close. Katya even knew that men ought to have some interest in baubles, if only so they knew the value of their... more
          • Oh. That sounds much more reasonable. Dorian, Fri Apr 5 23:47
            “No, I learn from Tatya,” Dorian confirmed, when Katerina - if he understood her correctly - asked whether he had learnt such words due to her sister or a family business. He knew some of them in... more
            • Naturally. I am very reasonable.Katerina, Sat Apr 6 10:23
              Katya did not know if she knew how to explain the issue with her sister in such a way that it would be comprehensible to someone who, to her surprise, seemed to genuinely think it was something that... more
              • Except towards your sisterDorian, Mon Apr 8 08:30
                Dorian was rather taken aback by Katya’s comments. Having spent his whole life having his sibling complain that he behaved in a way that didn’t fit his gender, he wondered what was wrong with Tatya... more
                • I think I'm being fair to her as well.Katerina, Mon Apr 8 17:38
                  "Tatya is devochka," confirmed Katya. "But she should be big one now. Instead she is like - " she struggled with words - "she like the girl who - oh, what is word?" she asked, snapping her fingers... more
                  • I am inclined to disagreeDorian, Mon Apr 8 20:11
                    Ah. Tatya behaved like a little girl. Not Tatya behaved like a little girl. Dorian tilted his head curiously, appraising this assessment. This was never something he had much considered. He suppossed ... more
                    • As is your right, of course.Katerina, Tue Apr 9 19:27
                      Katya could have screamed. Of course he would take Tatiana's part in this - of course her sister was the one who must be in the right, always. Even at home, it was really only Mama who routinely saw... more
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