Oh. That sounds much more reasonable.
Fri Apr 5, 2019 23:47

“No, I learn from Tatya,” Dorian confirmed, when Katerina - if he understood her correctly - asked whether he had learnt such words due to her sister or a family business. He knew some of them in Chinese as well because they were Mama Words but he had not brought this up because it was not relevant, Katerina not speaking any of this language, and he did not wish to seem to like he was showing off or drawing attention to her lack of knowledge in something (especially something in which it was entirely reasonable and expected that she knew nothing). “Why does this make her impossible?” he asked. Although her tone had been neutral enough, it was a far from positive comment, and he didn’t understand the problem.

“That is very impressive,” he commented regarding her acquisition of novels in different languages - or rather, he ability to read such things. “Have you become well acquainted with any of the German-speakers here?” he asked. He had never really connected with Heinrich, who was the closest to him in age, and he felt a little bad about this. He felt the non-native speakers should offer each other some solidarity. The other boy was rather silent and almost stand-offish though. As someone fairly quiet himself, Dorian knew not to automatically equate the one with the other but it made Dorian wary of intruding if his company might be unwanted.

“Yes, correct,” he confirmed. In French, the pronunciation was different enough to have an extra syllable but it was recognisable as the same word. “Or, at least three languages,” he added, as given the prevalence of the word, it was possible that it was the same or similar in multiple more European languages. He wondered about the etymology of jewellery… Who had invented each piece, and how had names spread so that in some places they were so similar, and yet the names for other items diverged so widely? He wondered whether the library could tell him, and whether Tatya would be interested in the answers if he found them. She generally seemed less inclined to make an academic study of her passions than he was, but it tied into two areas of her interest, and just because she didn’t want to do the research herself did not mean she would be uninterested in his findings. He added to the mental list of reasons to cocoon himself in a pleasant corner of the library as soon as possible. “Vash braslet ochen' krasivyy,” he added to Katerina. It might have been a bit of an exaggeration to say that the names of different bits of jewellery and ‘is very pretty’ had been amongst the first sentences he had learnt in Russian, but he didn’t think it was much of one…

  • Katya knew her sister rather well. Katya knew that her sister and Dorian were very close. Katya even knew that men ought to have some interest in baubles, if only so they knew the value of their... more
    • Oh. That sounds much more reasonable. — Dorian, Fri Apr 5 23:47
      • Naturally. I am very reasonable.Katerina, Sat Apr 6 10:23
        Katya did not know if she knew how to explain the issue with her sister in such a way that it would be comprehensible to someone who, to her surprise, seemed to genuinely think it was something that... more
        • Except towards your sisterDorian, Mon Apr 8 08:30
          Dorian was rather taken aback by Katya’s comments. Having spent his whole life having his sibling complain that he behaved in a way that didn’t fit his gender, he wondered what was wrong with Tatya... more
          • I think I'm being fair to her as well.Katerina, Mon Apr 8 17:38
            "Tatya is devochka," confirmed Katya. "But she should be big one now. Instead she is like - " she struggled with words - "she like the girl who - oh, what is word?" she asked, snapping her fingers... more
            • I am inclined to disagreeDorian, Mon Apr 8 20:11
              Ah. Tatya behaved like a little girl. Not Tatya behaved like a little girl. Dorian tilted his head curiously, appraising this assessment. This was never something he had much considered. He suppossed ... more
              • As is your right, of course.Katerina, Tue Apr 9 19:27
                Katya could have screamed. Of course he would take Tatiana's part in this - of course her sister was the one who must be in the right, always. Even at home, it was really only Mama who routinely saw... more
                • Dorian was relieved to hear Katya admit that, underneath all this, she loved her sister. As she explained that Tatya would have to grow up (something he thought she herself might be rather opposed... more
                  • It is in the Sister Contract, yes.Katerina, Wed Apr 10 17:35
                    Dorian seemed prepared to accept Katya's explanation for her faux pas, and so she breathed a little easier, muscles in her shoulders coming back down to normal from positions she hadn't realized they ... more
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