Evelyn Stones
Thank you for everything.
Mon Apr 8, 2019 20:15

Evelyn was not thinking about anything of any weight when she was eating her meal, she was just eating her meal. It was nice to see everyone again, and it was good to be back at Sonora. It had been so nice to see CJ again, but he was a baby and she could only play with a baby for so long before he needed to nap or poop or something. She'd changed more diapers than she really wanted to over break, and couldn't help being a little glad to be back.

When Professor Skies stood up to make an announcement, another thought - undoubtedly borne of nostalgia - crossed Evelyn's mind. She waited for the woman to finish her announcements and then approached, feeling very small.

"Excuse me," Evelyn said, trying to remind herself that she was a big girl. "I just . . . I wanted to thank you."

A lump formed in her throat and a hot flush of shame made her cheeks rosy. She pushed both aside. "I know I talked mostly to Professor Carter-Xavier about this, but you were involved and you were a really big part of everything and I just really want to thank you." Evelyn took a steadying breath. "You know that I couldn't go home last year for Christmas? Of course you do. Well, I couldn't. And this year, I got to go home for Christmas. You sort of fixed everything."

She didn't feel it was necessary to qualify that with "almost" or "mostly" or "most of the time." Her life at home was so many times better than it had been before, and she'd only seen her father get angry once or twice over all of Christmas break.

"Thank you for everything," she said again.

  • Post-Feast AnnouncementsDH Skies, Sat Apr 6 07:45
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    • Thank you for everything. — Evelyn Stones, Mon Apr 8 20:15
      • I didn't do muchDH Skies, Thu Apr 11 07:14
        Selina was surprised to find a student approaching her at the end of the meal. And a non-Crotalus student, at that. Though one with a penchant for disasters in Transfiguration, and a fairly turbulent ... more
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