Johana Leonie Zauberhexen
An idea is come! (Tag Hilda)
Thu May 2, 2019 13:33

OOC - italics are in German.

IC -

Johana Leonie was so happy. She had a friend! So of course she was happy. But her friend had sad little shoulders sometimes, and Johana Leonie thought that Germany was the best place to get rid of sad shoulders. After confirming that it was alright with her parents, and keeping their concerns in the back of her mind to acknowledge when the time was right, since Heinrich would definitely voice them at some point, Johana Leonie made her way to where Hilda was sitting in Cascade Hall.

"I have an idea and I want to know what you think," she told her friend, smiling as she took a seat beside her for dinner. "When you like to visit while the summer? Do you want to come see me? You and Heinrich can both come; my parents said it was okay. You could stay for a week or two or three! It is great!"

Dinner was a favorite meal of Johana Leonie's, although she liked breakfast and lunch and things just as well, so really all of her meals were her favorite. However, dinner was the end of the day, which meant that she had survived another day in an English speaking institution. With Hilda so close by, it also meant she didn't need to keep up trying to use English so much as she did in their classes together, although they weren't just using English there either. Zara was nice and good company, but had her own friends, and Johana Leonie hadn't ever pushed their friendship to bloom too much. She thought she should rectify that, and hoped it would be easier after a summer studying English and relaxing.

"What do you think, my friend?"

    • Ich mag deine IdeeHilda, Tue May 7 14:40
      Hilda looked up from her potatoes and saw Johana Leonie coming towards her. The transformation that occurred at this recognition was as remarkable as anything that happened in the Transfiguration... more
      • Gut! Ich auch!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Tue May 7 19:43
        Johana Leonie made a sound somewhere between a squeak and a chirp, wrapping her arms around her friend in an excited hug when the Pecari agreed that she'd like to come to Germany over the summer. "... more
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