Headmaster Brockert
Pecari Act (nm)
Sun May 26, 2019 07:19

  • ConcertHeadmaster Brockert, Sun May 26 07:16
    Tonight was the concert. Mortimer could not say he was thrilled about this. He had to give a speech-of sorts-that was actually might qualify as one. At least it was more than he usually said but it... more
    • Audience Thread (nm)Headmaster Brockert, Sun May 26 07:19
      • Who wants to talk to eleven people?Allegra Brockert (and family, ft. Topaz), Wed May 29 12:50
        Although, Allegra was quite disappointed that Mother and Uriah weren't coming, she understood. A concert wasn't really a good place for babies and Mother was still recovering from the birth. She was... more
      • Feeling sorry for myselfBridget Ferguson, Wed May 29 08:34
        Bridget waited in the hall with the others who weren't participating in the concert for the parents and siblings to finish the tour. She wished very much that she could just stay in her room tonight. ... more
      • Tag VIPBsNatalie Atwater (and parents), Tue May 28 07:30
        Though Natalie was not participating in the concert, her parents were coming anyway. Even though she'd done her best to prevent this by warning them that the Muggle parents would be there. Father had ... more
    • Pecari Act (nm) — Headmaster Brockert, Sun May 26 07:19
      • Alone. Evelyn Stones, Mon May 27 13:17
        Evelyn knew her role. She knew exactly what she was supposed to do. She had practiced and practiced. She'd been having dreams about performing well. The fact that she moved through it mechanically,... more
    • Crotalus Act (nm)Headmaster Brockert, Sun May 26 07:19
      • The best act of allArianna Tate, Sun Jun 9 17:47
        Tonight was the concert and Arianna needed it to be perfect . Nobody was allowed to miss a note or a step. They had to be the best and especially better than Pecari. Yes, she knew it was not a... more
    • Teppenpaw Act (nm)Headmaster Brockert, Sun May 26 07:17
      • Stand By MeZara Jackson, Sun May 26 18:43
        Zara stood on the stage, darkness surrounding her and butterflies in her stomach. Solo. It had sounded fun when she had taken it, and she’d been pleased at the thought of getting to do something... more
        • Count On MeDorian Montoir, Thu Jun 13 08:35
          "Nox," Dorian whispered, and the light in the moon went out. The remainder of the stage lights which had gradually illuminated the chorus of Teppenpaws stayed on, as they had decided a black out at... more
          • UmbrellaGeorgia Kirkly, Wed Jun 19 00:04
            They had cut the rap section from the beginning of 'Umbrella.' Georgia was pretty confident one of them could have learnt it but learning it and pulling it off were two different things. Plus it name ... more
            • InvisibleKir McLeod, Thu Jun 20 07:17
              Kir was somewhat anxious for the fourth song. Admittedly, there had been water already and there was fire still to come, and there were a lot of ways in which those could have gone or still could go... more
              • FireworkGeorgia Kirkly (soloist), Fri Jun 21 08:49
                It was finale time. Georgia was psyched. Everything so far had gone to plan, and she could practically feel the happy upbeat vibe radiating from everyone. There were times she had wondered whether... more
    • Aladren Act (nm)Headmaster Brockert, Sun May 26 07:16
      • The Mystery of The Book of Many TeethZevalyn , Tue Jun 4 21:21
        Zevalyn had not received a huge turn out for the concert. Ness was all for performing on stage, Amelia hadn’t objected too strenuously against a supporting character role, and Zevalyn herself had her ... more
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