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I know so.
Mon May 27, 2019 22:01

Ilefonso positively beamed, thrilled to have found that he'd accidentally met the parents of his boy's classmates. "¡Es maravilloso! They must be in the same class, then," he said, shaking Arthur's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Felipe just started in September as well. Jezi... is that Jessica? Felipe has mentioned some of his friends and I think I remember him mentioning someone named Jessica in his House."

Leonor tugged on her mother's sleeve, looking up with curious expression and whispering to her: "Creo que son muggles." I think they are muggles. She scowled when her mother shook her head, quietly chastising her in response.

"Be nice," Julieta warned her. "I apologize. My daughter is curious about whether your daughter is the first person with magic in your family."

Looking over at the three members of this family, so much Ilefonso's own collection, he couldn't help smiling. It was easy to be kind when you looked first to the ways people are the same.

"Always the line between curiosity and being polite, eh?" he said, granting a moment's stern look at his daughter before looking back up at Arthur and Rosalie. "It's so nice knowing we aren't the only ones still trying to figure things out. It's been hard having Felipe so far from home."

  • If you say so.Arthur and Ros, Mon May 27 17:32
    The painted man, apparently unmoved by horrified silent stares, lost interest in Ros and her husband and returned to his ledgers. Ros continued staring at him, though, trying to assure herself Arthur ... more
    • I know so. — The De Matteos, Mon May 27 22:01
      • I approve of your confidence anyway.Arthur and Ros, Tue May 28 12:13
        “Yes,” said Arthur. “Jessica. Jessica Hayles.” Jessica, who was causing him such headaches, both professional and personal. Jessica, whom he missed every day. He did not think he had realized just... more
        • Confidence is a man's best strategy.The De Matteos, Tue May 28 14:30
          Leonor's mouth fell open in embarrassment and shame for a moment, before changing into excited surprise. Then, unbidden, words tumbled out of it. "¡Tú también sabes español! Mi hermano dijo que todos ... more
          • Or a woman’s.Arthur and Ros, Tue May 28 17:18
            “Oh, it’s quite all right,” said Ros, smiling at the little girl reflexively. It was easy to smile at a little girl, even...knowing...what she was. Arthur, predictably, looked intrigued by what the... more
            • Ah, yes of course.The De Matteos, Tue May 28 18:39
              Julieta smiled gratefully. She'd been worried about some of the cultural differences that might prejudice others against them for any number of reasons, and she'd been worried that Felipe would take... more
              • For a moment, Arthur was sincerely concerned that the strange man might try to hug him, and he was very relieved when Ilefonso refrained from doing so. "Yes, it is quite a coincidence," he said,... more
                • Is that your slogan? The De Matteos, Wed May 29 01:23
                  "That's wonderful," Julieta crowed, excited by Rosalie's family's work. "It's so important to be invested in education and growth. Mira lo maravillosos que son, Ilefonso," she added to her husband.... more
                  • Just an abbreviated quote from Dior.Arthur and Ros, Wed May 29 15:43
                    "Of course," agreed Ros with a smile when Ilefonso joked about Crotalus' quality being evident simply from Jessica and his boy being in it. Ros did not actually consider this an entirely facetious... more
                    • Oh, that's handy!The De Matteos, Wed May 29 18:53
                      Ilefonso relaxed, glad that the Hayles family seemed satisfied by their explanation. He nodded his agreement that Jessica was a good girl, as convinced by her association with his son as he was by... more
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