Abraham Jackson
Wow, non-magic!
Tue May 28, 2019 05:06

The Jacksons had opted to travel by Floo, seeing as only one member of the family could aparate, and side-alonging the other three was a bit of a stretch, given that that included another adult and a teenager. Abraham had paired with his son for the journey, whilst Evangeline had brought her mother. Even though non-magical people could use the Floo by themselves, it seemed safer to pair up - both for Claire to travel with someone magical, and for Evangeline to travel with a parent.

They had not bothered with name labels, seeing as anyone who knew Zara would be easily able to identify them as her family. None of them sported Zara's explosive curls - her father and brother both had their hair close cropped, whilst her sister's was slicked down into sleek but moulded looking waves with lots of long-term hair abuse and product - but there wasn't really anyone else they could be. Her mother, with her pale skin and bright red hair was the only one at risk of not being immediately identifiable, and it was unlikely she would be on her own.

Abraham and Claire had enjoyed the tour. Evangeline had kept her nose in her book for much of it, occasionally glancing up as they were shown a new room. Her brother was trying to do a puzzlebook, which was less compatible with walking, but as it was about spies, it conveniently had holes cut through it so that you could pretend to be reading whilst running covert surveillence. He had spent the tour with the book pressed against his face so he could look out at everyone in a fashion which he believed rendered him all but invisible to the untrained eye but which actually made him incredibly conspicuous. The tour, and all its attendant spying, had made him thirsty and in need of a cookie, so as they returned to the foyer, he had dragged his mother off to the refreshment table, leaving Abraham and Evalngeline to mingle. Well, leaving Abraham to mingle whilst Evangeline trailed him with her nose still in her book. They were soon approached by a set of parents.

"Hello," Abraham smiled enthusiastically, "Abraham Jackson," he introduced himself, "And this is my daughter, Evangeline." The teenager clearly regarded the grown ups as far less interesting than the book in front of her which, judging from the cover was a young adult romance novel. She lifted her head long enough to utter a 'hi' with eye contact before returning to the page in front of her.

"It's nice to see where my other daughter will be spending most of the next seven," her father continued, echoing their comment. "Zara is in first year," he clarified, "Zevalyn," he echoed ponderously, "Good use of the letter Z, by the way. Under appreciated letter. That name's familiar but I'm not sure how they'd know each other. Unless she's a prefect in Zara's house? Teppenpaw?" he asked.

"She's Kir's girlfriend," Evangeline commented without looking up.

"Oh," her father smiled enthusiastically, "So you know Kir and Nessa's family? Lovely people."

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