Natalie Atwater (and parents)
Tue May 28, 2019 07:30

Though Natalie was not participating in the concert, her parents were coming anyway. Even though she'd done her best to prevent this by warning them that the Muggle parents would be there. Father had responded that he'd figured as much, and that they'd do their best to ignore them as there were plenty of purebloods that they could talk to, including several of Mother's relatives.

Which, she supposed, was the real reason they wanted to come. Not to see her, as they would be doing so soon enough anyway, or watch Ivy perform or to visit Mother's old stomping grounds, but to schmooze. And that annoyed the Pecari on principle.

The good news was that Kelsey was not coming, probably because....... Muggle parents would be there. While Mother could be polite,even somewhat pleasant, if need be and Father could ignore the fact that they were there, Kelsey had a strong desire to never breathe the same air as Muggles. Added to that the fact that significant others of older siblings were not invited, even if they were married like Ryan and Sophie, the former of whom was allowed as Peyton's older brother, so Malcolm certainly couldn't come when he and Kelsey were only engaged and the fact that Natalie wasn't even participating meant that the Crotalus alumna really had no reason to attend.

She wondered if Ivy would care though. On the one hand, the fifth year wasn't close to Kelsey at all-nobody was, really, except Malcolm sort of and Father and at one point, Caelia Lucan and Alistair Johnson-and half their close relatives weren't invited, and plenty of ones Ivy liked better were coming but then the Teppenpaw had had a rough year and needed the support of everyone available.

Still, Natalie was glad not to have to deal with her older sister, her parents were bad enough. She braced herself as she saw them approaching. "Greetings, Father and Mother. Welcome to to our concert night." Sometimes, when she talked to her parents, the Pecari didn't sound like herself, but rather as awkward and stiff as Headmaster Brockert did, though at least she didn't sneer at everyone. but rather kept a bland polite smile on her face.

"Hello." Father greeted her,

Mother followed suit, a bit more warm and genuine sounding. "Hello,Natalie." She embraced Natalie briefly. It was no Teppenpaw hug, but it was a display of affection and appreciated. She supposed she wouldn't like it much if her parents were more demonstrative in public, as that would be mortifying. "It's lovely to see you dear."

Father appeared to be looking around at the other families. And so it begins Natalie thought, as her father made his way towards someone he thought was worth talking to.

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