Professor Mary Brooding
That's more than I can say.
Tue May 28, 2019 18:22

Mary spread her hands innocently, accepting Émilie's soft rebuke. "I wasn't sure if you were telling me or trying to convince me," Mary told her honestly. So far, her experience with Montoirs told her that they were always in possession of knowledge that Mary wasn't meant to know, and that made it particularly hard to be sure of anything. At the same time, she could be sure of at least that much. Identity mattered to them as much as anyone; it just happened that theirs was tied to many more anchor points than others' might be.

"Is Dorian romantic?" Mary asked, considering what she had seen of him herself. It wasn't a far leap from sweet and loving to romantic, but he wouldn't be the first asexual or aromantic person she'd met who seemed so perfectly romantic on the outside. Besides, she wasn't sure whether Émilie meant he was romantic in the way that old music and verandas are romantic, or the way that Mary's new shared quarters were. "He's loving, certainly. But do you think he's romantic? Maybe he does not want any romances yet."

She was fairly confident that was not the case. Dorian was irrevocably in love with somebody. However, he was contented to spend forever in limbo if it meant that he could love that person, rather than be with them. He wasn't as romantic as he was caring, and that was a difference few people seemed to cherish. She wondered whether she was either or both or neither. She hoped it was both.

Mary considered, not sure what word might mean anything similar to what Émilie was saying. She was very aware that it was her that was the problem, not Émilie, and didn't want to make the girl think it was anything else than that. Monolingualism was endlessly disappointing.

"I'm not sure I understand," Mary said apologetically. "He will think something is wrong and others will do something to him? I have to learn French," she added playfully, hoping to make it clear that she was the one whose deficit was getting in the way.

  • I know what I thinkÉmilie, Tue May 28 04:29
    "I said I do believe him," sighed Émilie with a small huff of impatience, wondering why Professor Brooding was choosing to question that. "Est-ce que je ne l'ai pas dit clairement?" she muttered,... more
    • That's more than I can say. — Professor Mary Brooding, Tue May 28 18:22
      • And it's all in my head but....Émilie, Tue May 28 21:03
        Émilie shrugged impatiently at Professor Brooding's defence. Ordinarily, she might have pointed out that she was not Dorian, and that she tended to mean what she said and not hide behind vague... more
        • Not quite, but I didn't say a word.Mary Brooding, Tue May 28 21:29
          Mary stifled a grin. Émilie, it turned out, was very much like her brother. If Dorian had it in him to pout, or be sassy, and if he was on the more confident side, they might be the same person. Mary ... more
          • It's very frustrating of youÉmilie, Tue May 28 23:32
            Professor Brooding was just so nice. So nice, and floaty, and soft and pretty. It was maddening. Didn't she have any real feelings about what they were discussing? Rationally, Émilie knew that adults ... more
            • That's not quite my goal.Professor Mary Brooding, Wed May 29 00:53
              Mary nodded, agreeing. She'd love to make that happen. "Is it alright if we sit down?" she asked, taking the lead and leaning against the wall, sliding down to sit on the floor in the hall a short... more
              • What is, exactly?Émilie, Wed May 29 02:37
                On what? Émilie was about to ask, when the Professor asked her if she would like to sit. However, the woman surprised her by simply sliding to the floor. "Proper young ladies do not sit on the... more
                • Well, now I forget what I said.Mary Brooding, Wed May 29 10:53
                  Mary smirked. "Nor do they accost their brother's teachers outside the restroom, but I think we can put such things aside," Mary told her, adjusting her seat to be more comfortable. When the girl... more
                  • We have a shared goal thenÉmilie, Wed May 29 20:29
                    "Perhaps this is just a coincidence," Émilie replied, when Professor Brooding accused her of lying in wait and accosting her, though she chose to say it with a smirk rather than playing innocent.... more
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