Bridget Ferguson
Feeling sorry for myself
Wed May 29, 2019 08:34

Bridget waited in the hall with the others who weren't participating in the concert for the parents and siblings to finish the tour. She wished very much that she could just stay in her room tonight. There was literally no point in her being down there. Her parents were not coming, they couldn't what with Mama being sick again. Why should Bridget stand here watching everyone else be happy when she was alone?

Well, not technically alone, since she could, of course, sit with Sophia, her parents and Lydia. Still, it was not the same thing, not at all, and she felt very very left out as everyone reunited with their parents. Bridget didn't begrudge anyone else their joyful reunions but did they really have to make her watch? It was cruel. As far as she knew, everyone else had parents coming to see them tonight, even if they weren't in concert. Sophia did, Johana Leonie did, Zara did.....she did not.

It just wasn't fair, Bridget thought. It wasn't fair that she was by herself and it wasn't fair that Mama had to feel like this. Sometimes, she wished she had a normal family, a normal life. Sometimes, she envied Sophia hers. True, Kaylie and Ian had their problems but at least they were coming . One could ask why they should bother when she wasn't performing, but that was the major reason why she had chosen not to in the first place.

The Teppenpaw looked around the room for her dad's cousins, resigned to her fate-not that she minded being around them but she would rather have her parents-when someone approached her. "Hello." Bridget greeted them.

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    • Feeling sorry for myself — Bridget Ferguson, Wed May 29 08:34
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