Mary Brooding
Well, now I forget what I said.
Wed May 29, 2019 10:53

Mary smirked. "Nor do they accost their brother's teachers outside the restroom, but I think we can put such things aside," Mary told her, adjusting her seat to be more comfortable.

When the girl crouched some, and spoke about her Dorian and the things Mary should do, Mary had to try not to smile. She nodded, agreeing, and learn Ed on the fact that the whole thing was rather frustrating to make her expression more appropriate than a satisfied grin would be.

When …milie was finished, Mary nodded. "So we are precisely then. I was worried you wouldn't understand, but I'm glad you do."

Her hands relaxed on her lap and she sighed. "Discourage him from some things, encourage him into others, listen to him and.hope he listens to me too, put a stop to gossip when I hear it... Those are exactly what I mean. I can't put him in my ingredients closet and keep him there, safely tucked away from the world anymore than I can fill a cauldron with lacewing flies and beetle eyes and hope for something to bubble. The best either of us can do is be there for him the way he's there for everyone else."

Her voice changed to something a little more serious when she spoke again, and it was full of as much mama bear as was appropriate. "Don't think for one second that I'm not doing that at every opportunity. In that, you are correct: I am a teacher and that I will do." Mary relaxed some, and a warm smile blessed her face again. "Besides, as you said, Dorian deserves the very best."

  • What is, exactly?…milie, Wed May 29 02:37
    On what? …milie was about to ask, when the Professor asked her if she would like to sit. However, the woman surprised her by simply sliding to the floor. "Proper young ladies do not sit on the... more
    • Well, now I forget what I said. — Mary Brooding, Wed May 29 10:53
      • We have a shared goal then…milie, Wed May 29 20:29
        "Perhaps this is just a coincidence," …milie replied, when Professor Brooding accused her of lying in wait and accosting her, though she chose to say it with a smirk rather than playing innocent.... more
        • I'm not comfortable with that blanket statement.Mary Brooding, Thu May 30 00:18
          Coincidence was a funny thought, and Mary indulged …milie with a smirk of laughter as she summoned a cushion for her. It was funny to see her care enough to ask for one, although Mary had to admit... more
          • But it's so obviouspy wrong…milie, Thu May 30 01:28
            "Dorian will not do anything," …milie confirmed, "He isn't a bad person, and with this situation... There is nothing he can do. I worry more about others. That before he grows up and gets over this,... more
            • Less obviously than you'd think.Mary Brooding, Thu May 30 01:57
              "Words can be very damaging," Mary agreed. "It is important that people are kind and understanding when people are different than they are. It's one thing if someone doesn't like my teaching style... more
              • …milie opened her mouth and closed it again without saying anything. This was quite an impressive feat for the Professor to have achieved. She scrunched up her mouth. Hadnít she thought how little... more
                • Ah, but what if you saw it through mine? Mary Brooding, Thu May 30 12:05
                  The skies had opened up and deposited a greatness in …milie Montoir, presumably upon her birth. Mary suspected it wasn't the first time that both her great ability to love and her great ability to... more
                  • It might get rather more straight forward…milie, Thu May 30 19:01
                    …milie waited nervously. She sort of wanted Professor Brooding to laugh and just say she was being silly, and whatever could she possibly mean? To simply not even understand, because …milie had made... more
                    • I agree with you there. Mary Brooding, Thu May 30 19:23
                      Mary wasn't really surprised by the girl's outburst, but it did go a long way towards saddening her, which in turn made her arms ache to just wrap her up in a big squishy cuddle hug and hold onto her ... more
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