Zara Jackson
Make me smiiiiiiile
Wed May 29, 2019 10:56

"Thank you," Zara beamed, when Felipe complimented her performance, "It was so much fun! I wish we could do it again!" she bounced. Teppenpaw had been on second, so she had then sat and watched Aladren and Pecari, and the post-performance euphoria had had a bit of time to fade, but now they were free to mix with their friends and families and she was going to get to hear them all saying lovely things and all the thrill of the show was racing back. "Oh, and look," she shook her head, making her already explosive curls bounce - they also sparkled as they caught the light. "Spray in hair glitter in action!" she grinned. It had been a good luck present from her mom. Normally packing an aerosol in the post was kind of frowned upon for anything that was going airmail, but owls didn't mind bringing it. It was the perfect fusion of her two worlds, and how they worked better together.

"Crotalus were wonderful too" she smiled, knowing that he'd been helping out backstage.

The hug surprised her a little, as Felipe had never seemed a particularly tactile person, but she returned it enthusiastically, especially when he explained why she was getting it.

"I'll miss you too," she began, a slight stab of sadness at the thought that this was going to be an evening of goodbyes as well as celebration. She had been thinking so much about the concert that she hadn't really thought about it also being the end of term. It had gone by so quickly. Her sadness turned to excitement though as Felipe mentioned coming to visit. They had talked about each other's homes a lot, how interesting they sounded, how much they would like to show the other one, but that was different to a real solid invitation.

"Yes!" she squealed, emphatically, "I would love to! So long as you come to mine too," she added. "I mean, I'll have to check with my parents. And they'll probably want to meet your parents and everything, and do details, but yes!"

  • Come see me. [Tag Zara.] Felipe De Matteo, Tue May 28 18:46
    Felipe was nervous. He wasn't sure why he was nervous, other than the usual nerves that accompanied such events where parents had eyes on him. He was used to crowds, and perhaps that's what made him... more
    • Make me smiiiiiiile — Zara Jackson, Wed May 29 10:56
      • But then I might smile too.Felipe De Matteo, Wed May 29 19:05
        The urge to reach out and touch the soft sparkles that were crowning Zara's head was surprisingly strong, and only years of etiquette training kept the show of strain - or nausea - off his face. "You ... more
        • Would that be so terrible?Zara, Thu May 30 06:11
          "Thank you," Zara said, more softly when Felipe told her she looked beautiful. She knew there were more important things to be, like kind or hard working, but it was still nice to hear it. It was a... more
          • I am . . . not sure. Felipe De Matteo, Thu May 30 11:53
            Felipe, for his part, was very glad that Zara preferred to stay down here. There were lots of reasons that was a good choice, but he let himself just enjoy it for what it was worth, and smiled at his ... more
            • Let's find out!The Jacksons, Fri May 31 21:24
              “It’s a pleasure to meet you too,” Abraham smiled sincerely, shaking Felipe’s hand. The boy seemed sort of shy and serious, and Abraham tried to convey with his tone and his smile that he was not... more
              • OR! Or . . . or! We could not. The De Matteos, Fri May 31 21:47
                Julieta beamed at Zara when the girl demonstrated a politeness that far exceeded her expectation for the average eleven-year-old. Were all the girls at Sonora so wonderful? When they'd sent Felipe to ... more
                • No but let'sThe Jacksons, Sat Jun 1 03:25
                  “Well, I think it only counts as an insult if the other person takes it badly. And seeing as I don’t know what it was, I can’t do that. I’m sure it was nothing too terrible though,” Abraham smiled.... more
                  • That sounds stressful though. The De Matteos, Sat Jun 1 17:31
                    Ilefonso laughed loudly, grinning at the other father. "Good man," he said. "I appreciate your sense of humor. And I'm grateful for it," he added more seriously. "We never really can be sure what our ... more
                    • Smiling is meant to be funThe Jacksons, Wed Jun 5 00:09
                      "Exactly," Abraham nodded, as Ilefonso commented on never knowing what their kids would say, "Just so long as you extend me the same courtesy if Bertie deigns to put in appearance," he smiled. "He... more
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