Allegra Brockert (and family, ft. Topaz)
Who wants to talk to eleven people?
Wed May 29, 2019 12:50

Although, Allegra was quite disappointed that Mother and Uriah weren't coming, she understood. A concert wasn't really a good place for babies and Mother was still recovering from the birth. She was doing well, but since Uriah had been-and still was-so big, it was still taking her a longer time to...recover from giving birth than it had with the rest of them. Plus, he was still so young that Mother really didn't want to leave him with a nanny yet.

At least though, Father and her three other younger siblings would be there, as well as Uncle Zeke, Aunt Opal and their three younger children who were coming to see Emerald and Ruby perform. Unfortunately this meant she was going to have no choice but to sit with Topaz, though Allegra would probably be able to put a few people between them. Plus, it wasn't as if the Aladren could really do any major damage with three adults sitting there, though her presence still made Allegra very tense.

She stood there, searching for her family. The Crotalus really disliked big crowds, they made her nervous. Hopefully, she'd find everyone before Topaz found her and decided to wait with her. Being alone in a crowd was bad enough, being alone with the other second year was worse.

"There you are!" Ben Brockert exclaimed, giving his eldest daughter a big bear hug. "How are you doing, sweetie?"He asked. The others trailed along with him, a chorus of greetings following as well as a hug from her younger sister Isla and Allegra bending down to give one to her little brother Olaf. She didn't hug her other sister Esme as the nine year old was not a hugger but still greeted her warmly.

"Fine, Father." Allegra replied. "How are Mother and Uriah?"

"They're doing great!" Ben exclaimed. "I swear that boy gets bigger everyday. I brought pictures." His pride for his last child was no different than it had been for his first and all the ones in between. He handed Allegra the pictures and she looked through them.

"Aw, he's adorable." The second year said of her youngest sibling. "So did you all like the tour?" Allegra asked.

"Yup." replied Ben. "It was so nice seeing the old place and going down memory lane, wasn't it, Zeke?"

"Sure was." Allegra's uncle responded.

Allegra looked at her cousin Sapphire, who would be attending Sonora next year. The eleven year old looked rather anxious. The Crotalus didn't know if it was the crowd or the impending arrival of Topaz "Did you enjoy it, Sapphire?"

The younger girl looked down at the floor. "Um, the school is very nice." Sapphire was really not looking forward to coming to Sonora next term. It had been nice at home without Topaz, very peaceful and the eleven year old was not looking forward to being around her all year again. Plus, she was afraid the other students wouldn't like her. And that they'd make fun of her epilepsy.

Just then Topaz arrived. Allegra and Sapphire both tensed. "Hello everyone." She greeted them. "Mother, Father." The Aladren nodded at her parents.

"Hello Topaz." Uncle Zeke said.

Aunt Opal greeted her third child as well. "Hello, darling."

Topaz felt briefly like vomiting at her mother's term of endearment. It was so fake . "It looks like the concert is starting. Shall we sit?" The Aladren headed for the Hall, and the rest of them followed.

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