Felipe De Matteo
But then I might smile too.
Wed May 29, 2019 19:05

The urge to reach out and touch the soft sparkles that were crowning Zara's head was surprisingly strong, and only years of etiquette training kept the show of strain - or nausea - off his face. "You look beautiful," he said naturally, long since having learned that it meant much more to say a person looked nice in what they were wearing than that whatever they were wearing looked nice. "And definitely show ready. I bet you could sneak up there and do a solo for everyone." He gestured towards the stage in a 'be my guest' way, and smiled at his friend.

"No but really, it was a lot of fun. I'm glad you liked the others' too," he said by ear of thanks. It was an odd compliment since he'd only done what he could to make sure everyone else looked good, but he supposed it was in part due to him that things had worked, and he smiled at Zara's words.

Then she invited him to her house, too, and Felipe felt the first desperation he'd felt in a long time. He usually did well at keeping his responsibilities squarely on his shoulders and his head firmly out of the clouds, but the thought of escaping his little corner of the world and visiting a real place with real people who lived real lives was too much. He had a sudden image of never going back home afterwards, although he suspected that wouldn't last; Los Jardines de Plata was too beautiful for that. Still, he found a grin on his face and it felt so easy that he laughed, too. Was this what happiness was like? Was it fair to be happy about someone else's niceness when he had to work so hard to be nice himself? It would have to do.

"I would love that," he said with a little more sincerity than he meant to admit. "My parents came tonight if you'd like to meet them. Is your family here?" And with that, he was focused on the plan. Always focused on the plan. And a little bit of sparkles that had landed on Zara's cheeks, like the sunshine inside her was peeking out at him. He thought that it might be nice to just dive in.

  • Make me smiiiiiiileZara Jackson, Wed May 29 10:56
    "Thank you," Zara beamed, when Felipe complimented her performance, "It was so much fun! I wish we could do it again!" she bounced. Teppenpaw had been on second, so she had then sat and watched... more
    • But then I might smile too. — Felipe De Matteo, Wed May 29 19:05
      • Would that be so terrible?Zara, Thu May 30 06:11
        "Thank you," Zara said, more softly when Felipe told her she looked beautiful. She knew there were more important things to be, like kind or hard working, but it was still nice to hear it. It was a... more
        • I am . . . not sure. Felipe De Matteo, Thu May 30 11:53
          Felipe, for his part, was very glad that Zara preferred to stay down here. There were lots of reasons that was a good choice, but he let himself just enjoy it for what it was worth, and smiled at his ... more
          • Let's find out!The Jacksons, Fri May 31 21:24
            “It’s a pleasure to meet you too,” Abraham smiled sincerely, shaking Felipe’s hand. The boy seemed sort of shy and serious, and Abraham tried to convey with his tone and his smile that he was not... more
            • OR! Or . . . or! We could not. The De Matteos, Fri May 31 21:47
              Julieta beamed at Zara when the girl demonstrated a politeness that far exceeded her expectation for the average eleven-year-old. Were all the girls at Sonora so wonderful? When they'd sent Felipe to ... more
              • No but let'sThe Jacksons, Sat Jun 1 03:25
                “Well, I think it only counts as an insult if the other person takes it badly. And seeing as I don’t know what it was, I can’t do that. I’m sure it was nothing too terrible though,” Abraham smiled.... more
                • That sounds stressful though. The De Matteos, Sat Jun 1 17:31
                  Ilefonso laughed loudly, grinning at the other father. "Good man," he said. "I appreciate your sense of humor. And I'm grateful for it," he added more seriously. "We never really can be sure what our ... more
                  • Smiling is meant to be funThe Jacksons, Wed Jun 5 00:09
                    "Exactly," Abraham nodded, as Ilefonso commented on never knowing what their kids would say, "Just so long as you extend me the same courtesy if Bertie deigns to put in appearance," he smiled. "He... more
                    • But education is even better! The De Matteos, Sun Jun 9 23:24
                      Ilefonso accepted the pamphlet with an eager smile, his eyes wide. "Non-magical--? This is wonderful!" He was well aware that diving into a load of reading would be rude, but he was really eager to.... more
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