Juniper Brockert, Teppenpaw
Thu May 30, 2019 13:52

Surprisingly enough, Juniper was not that anxious about RATS, other than ending up with Ms. Langdon as an examiner. The old witch was quite frankly terrifying and not in the ordinary way most people were. The Teppenpaw was a bit worried she'd panic and fail if Ms. Langdon was her examiner.

Other than that, well, Juniper was pretty sure she had Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration down. She was less sure about Herbology. Besides, her anxiety had always been about people not schoolwork. Granted, sometimes, worries about interacting with her classmates-there was a lot of partner work at Sonora-or giving a presentation or a class discussion affected her grades. If Juniper could escape to a private place with no people and do her homework, it was fine. And in Care of Magical Creatures, the presence of animals helped.

In fact, Juniper had gotten super attached to her fire crab. To the point where she really wanted to keep it. She knew one needed a special license to have one as a pet but, well, she was a Brockert so it was likely that it wouldn't be a problem.

The harder part, she knew, would be going to the professor. Since Professor Marsh had only started teaching Care of Magical Creatures after midterm of her last year, Juniper wasn't all that familiar with him, so she didn't know what he'd say.

But hopefully, even if she didn't get Finn, she'd get her fire crab.

The theoretical exams were passed out and she focused in on them

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    Before the seventh years graduated and some of them said goodbye to academia forever, there was one final major test, RATS. For a good many of them, it would determine a good deal about their... more
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