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No but let's
Sat Jun 1, 2019 03:25

“Well, I think it only counts as an insult if the other person takes it badly. And seeing as I don’t know what it was, I can’t do that. I’m sure it was nothing too terrible though,” Abraham smiled. He had caught something, he thought, about ‘four languages’ but then she had switched back to what he, with his complete lack of knowledge, assumed to be more Spanish, and he had lost the thread. She could have called him a complete idiot for all he knew, but he considered that might be a fair point – or, at least, as far as the logic of a nine year old went, given that she already spoke several languages and he, having evidently been alive far more years than she had, had still only managed the one. It probably helped that he was currently parent to an eight year old, and knew the extent to which they could be rude or embarrassing without really meaning.

Speaking of which, he cast his eyes over to where his son was still hanging off Kir’s back whilst the latter tried to politely shake hands with the people he’d met earlier. The girlfriend’s parents. Ah. Kir probably would rather get rid of Bertie than gain a nine year old he didn’t know. But prying Bertie away from things he didn’t want to be pried away from was challenging, and the idea of pushing him to interact with a strange girl he’d never met was going to seem more threat than enticement.

“I think he’s doing something else right now,” he said to Leonor, turning to his wife, he nodded, in the direction of their youngest child, “Should we…?”

“Oh. Yes. Evie, could you go get your brother to give Kir some space please? Take his book,” she recommended, fishing it out of her handbag and passing it to her daughter. The cover read ‘Spies, Spells and Automobiles!’ in slightly smaller text under this was ‘A best of both worlds puzzle book.’ Evangeline did not offer a resigned sigh at this prospect, seeing as they had company, but took the book obediently and walked off to try to lure Bertie with it, which she doubted was going to be an easy task.

“So…” Zara whispered to Felipe, whilst the possible playdate was being negotiated, “Shall we ask them?” Normally, she might have just asked her dad directly, but she was suddenly conscious that whilst Felipe had asked her, he might not yet have checked with his parents, and she didn’t want to assume that she was really invited until they all started saying so because they seemed very concerned about what was polite and what was not.

  • OR! Or . . . or! We could not. The De Matteos, Fri May 31 21:47
    Julieta beamed at Zara when the girl demonstrated a politeness that far exceeded her expectation for the average eleven-year-old. Were all the girls at Sonora so wonderful? When they'd sent Felipe to ... more
    • No but let's — The Jacksons, Sat Jun 1 03:25
      • That sounds stressful though. The De Matteos, Sat Jun 1 17:31
        Ilefonso laughed loudly, grinning at the other father. "Good man," he said. "I appreciate your sense of humor. And I'm grateful for it," he added more seriously. "We never really can be sure what our ... more
        • Smiling is meant to be funThe Jacksons, Wed Jun 5 00:09
          "Exactly," Abraham nodded, as Ilefonso commented on never knowing what their kids would say, "Just so long as you extend me the same courtesy if Bertie deigns to put in appearance," he smiled. "He... more
          • But education is even better! The De Matteos, Sun Jun 9 23:24
            Ilefonso accepted the pamphlet with an eager smile, his eyes wide. "Non-magical--? This is wonderful!" He was well aware that diving into a load of reading would be rude, but he was really eager to.... more
            • And it made you smileThe Jacksons, Tue Jun 11 23:19
              Abraham and Claire exchanged a warm smile as their line of work was met with such enthusiasm. They had trusted Zara to make good choices in her friends, but there was a difference between... more
              • Well, I'll begrudge you that one. The De Matteos, Mon Jun 17 16:34
                Felipe was proud to see how polite his parents were in the face of something he knew they didn't know anything about. Most of their people would not have been able to afford such things as birthday... more
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