Hilda Hexenmeister
Freut mich
Sat Jun 1, 2019 06:53

OOC: All dialogue is in German.

Hilda was not certain that she had really been a great help with Pecari's concert act. Neither was she entirely sure she had done exactly what Lily wanted her to do, but she had tried her best to follow the older girl's instructive gestures and some limited English to perform her part. At least, nothing bad had happened and nobody seemed angry with her at the end of it, so she was counting it as a successful show.

Besides, it was the after show part that would be really important. That was when she'd get to meet the Zauberhexens.

She planned to say hello to Uncle Karl and Hans before finalizing plans with them, but Johana Leonie spotted her before she spotted them, so she dropped that plan and went with this one. She was a Pecari after all. She was adaptable.

"Hallo," she greeted Johana Leonie's family with a wide smile only her best friend saw regularly at Sonora. "I try to be," she told Johana Leonie's dad when he remarked on her being a good friend to his daughter. "She has been a wonderful one to me, too. I don't think I would have made it through the year without Johana Leonie to help me with the English."

Then, unable to keep it in any longer, she added, "I'm so excited to come visit you! I miss Germany so much!"

As if summoned by the comment, she felt a hand land on her shoulder, and give it a light squeeze. As she looked up and backwards, she discovered Uncle Karl had found her. "About that," he said in German, an obvious note of concern in his voice, "You think she will be safe there? My brother had enemies." There was something in his tone that suggested he was making an understatement.

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    • Freut mich — Hilda Hexenmeister, Sat Jun 1 06:53
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