Johana Leonie, etc.
Lass uns für immer Freunde sein!
Sat Jun 1, 2019 17:13

Agathe laughed heartily, amused by the warmth and joy of the little girl who had befriended her daughter. It was entirely unexpected to find other German speakers at Sonora of all places, and she and her husband were both beyond thrilled to know that their daughter wasn't alone in her education journey. Of course, an entirely separate set of concerns came with this particular German family.

When a man approached, putting his hand on Hilda's shoulder and speaking in German, Agathe and Florian Eckart found that they weren't the only worried ones. This man had a much kinder face than they might have expected, which went a long way towards assuaging their fears. They'd talked about this inevitable meeting a lot before arriving here, and were ready with friendly faces.

"Yes," Florian Eckart said, nodding lightly. "I should think so. We have been healers for a very long time, and I know we have met some of those enemies in our line of work."

Johana Leonie turned sharply, looking at her father with wide eyes. "What do you mean, papa?"

Florian Eckart shook his head at his daughter, smiling softly at her as his wife picked up where he'd left off.

"We live in a very small, remote village, among Muggles. It's a place where superstition and hedgemagic have survived, keeping a lot of our work from raising concerns," Agathe said. "Nobody there would know anything about your brother, and she'll be safe there. If you'd like to come, we have space for all of you."

"I'm sure it would be nice to take some time away from the States," Florian Eckart added.

Johana Leonie was still gaping, and she looked at her friend with surprise. "I had no idea," she whispered to her. "Are you okay?"

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    OOC: All dialogue is in German. Hilda was not certain that she had really been a great help with Pecari's concert act. Neither was she entirely sure she had done exactly what Lily wanted her to do,... more
    • Lass uns für immer Freunde sein! — Johana Leonie, etc., Sat Jun 1 17:13
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