Evelyn Stones
Hey, not too bad.
Sun Jun 2, 2019 19:45

Evelyn nodded, agreeing. It hurt to agree. Everything hurt. She hated it, but it did feel a little better to hear that she wasn't crazy for being sad. She felt like she should probably be happy for her mom, but she was mostly just angry. Angry and sad. She felt betrayed.

Ness' apology seemed both insincere and unwarranted. Evelyn was pretty sure she was making things worse by being around, and that she was ruining her friend's night, but she also was pretty sure that Ness cared, so maybe she was being irrational in thinking that?

"Hey, don't be sorry," Evelyn said, managing a small smile. "You're the one who taught me to talk about how I feel more. You are making me feel better, I just . . . I'm scared. I don't want to be more hurt later if she never comes back." Her voice was stronger now, but still trailed off. "Really," she added for emphasis.

Ness seemed . . . uncomfortable? Maybe that wasn't it, but Evelyn wasn't sure how to read the Aladren. She wanted to just scream and scream and make everyone look so they'd all know and she wouldn't have to go home. At the same time, she wanted to disappear into the floor so no one could see her anymore, and no one could know what a mess she was.

Talking to Marijke sounded like a good plan, and Evelyn nodded her agreement to that as well. It was nice not having to decide. Before Ness could walk away, Evelyn reached out and put a hand momentarily on her friend's shoulder. She snatched it back right away, shrinking into herself in doubt. Maybe Ness didn't want to be touched?

"Ness . . . " Her voice was shaky again and she was so frustrated with herself for that. Her eyes were damp when she looked up, searching her friend's face. Desperation was plain in her own frown, and the way her grey eyes moved around, like a starving person searching for food. She wanted to make a joke and walk away, leaving the conversation. At the same time, she couldn't just accept that she'd maybe hurt her friend.

Evelyn bit her lip. "Are you mad at me? I didn't mean to screw everything up again."

  • Reparo!Ness, Sun Jun 2 19:31
    "None of that makes sense," Ness protested, as Evelyn went further into her mother's reasoning. Being a parent meant putting your kids first. It meant loving them unconditionally. They had a poster... more
    • Hey, not too bad. — Evelyn Stones, Sun Jun 2 19:45
      • "Oh. Okay," Ness nodded, as Evelyn explained what she was doing. And that it was something Ness had taught her. That did make the Aladren feel better. "And yeah. That makes sense..." Ness agreed,... more
        • Spellotape would do it I think. Evelyn Stones, Tue Jun 4 00:20
          "Thank you," Evelyn said, sincerely relieved at having made herself clear, or clear enough. Still, she hated to see Ness look so down, especially when she knew it was her own fault. Why couldn't she... more
          • Sticking togetherNess, Wed Jun 5 20:11
            "That's fair," Ness nodded, as Evelyn explained how mad she was about everything, all the time (but not Ness). Ness had just said more or less the same thing, after all. Still, it was a little bit... more
            • Glue then?Evelyn Stones, Thu Jun 6 16:07
              Evelyn thought that Ness was one of the best humans in the whole world. If she had her way there would be statues and paintings made of the Aladren, all pointing to the obvious commitment to love and ... more
              • And special adult powersMarijke and Ness, Sat Jun 15 22:12
                Marijke was planning to check in quickly with Ness, give some congratulations on Aladrenís performance, and then go and join Kir in order to meet The Girlfriend and her parents. However, Ness... more
                • And mom hugs? Evelyn Stones, Mon Jun 17 15:58
                  Ness said "we." Ness wasn't sure what "we" were going to do. Evelyn wasn't sure either, but where there was a "we" there was a way, and she was suddenly more confident that everything would work out. ... more
                  • AbsolutelyMarijke, Wed Jun 19 20:19
                    "That's fine, it's your choice," Marijke reiterated gently, when Evelyn expressed a firm desire for Ness to stay. On the inside, she smiled, fairly confident they could say that was a genuine choice... more
                    • I hate this stuff. Evelyn Stones, Sun Jun 23 00:55
                      Hugging Mrs. McLeod was not like hugging her own mom, but it was sort of better in its own way. Evelyn felt guilty for thinking that, but it only made her hold onto Marijke all the tighter. This was... more
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