Mathias Stones
Oh, great.
Sun Jun 2, 2019 23:15

It had been a long time since he'd heard that greeting used, and smiled instantly at it. He'd been unfortunate to find work in a place that didn't care as much as they should about whether someone came from a good family or not. Granted, he'd sort of hexed himself in the foot by marrying a squib, but she'd come from a powerful family herself and love made him blind to the compromises their relationship would entail for himself and his future. Still, they'd managed one decent child at least, and the other was pretty smart, so it wasn't all bad.

Putting thoughts of his "wife" aside before he turned to self pity, Mathias held out his hand and shook with the man who introduced himself as Angus. Angus Brockert. This was turning out to be a very helpful evening.

"Mathias Stones of the Oregon Stones," he said, falling into that old introduction with comfort and ease. Of course, a family like the Brockerts may not have heard of him, but their names were in the history books of magic families for a dozen generations, and each had turned out strong. That was worth something. "It's a pleasure to meet you all. I'm well, thank you."

Whitney seemed less eager than her husband, and Mathias suspected his wife would have liked her. Unfortunately, he couldn't be sure whether or not Juniper Brockert was in his daughter's class, as he and Evelyn hadn't hardly talked about school. They hadn't really talked about anything. He'd been doing so much better, and she hardly seemed to care. It made him crazy.

"She is," he said, managing a proud face. He would've preferred she be backstage, where people didn't need to see her but could see her magic. He suspected she didn't have it in her to make that happen. She'd said something about flying, and he supposed it was good that she was athletic, even if unskilled. Of course, the scarred up arm was a constant reminder that she wasn't very athletic either.

"Evelyn is a first ye-- no. Second year." He flushed. "She's always been very involved in her studies, so I didn't see her much more when she was living at home during the school year," he laughed, passing his mistake off as a joke. "What about your girl?"

  • Nope. Of four.Duncan, Angus and Whitney Brockert , Sun Jun 2 17:31
    Duncan gazed around the Cascade Hall.It had been awhile since he graduated and it was nice to see the old place. Juniper wasn't performing of course, but he still wanted to come see how she was... more
    • Oh, great. — Mathias Stones, Sun Jun 2 23:15
      • Angus-"It sure is!"Duncan, Angus and Whitney, Fri Jun 7 17:31
        "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Stones." Angus replied warmly. The name was vaguely familiar, he thought they might be a family who produced people of decent magical ability, even if they weren't... more
        • I'm glad to have met you tonight. Mathias Stones, Sun Jun 9 23:19
          Mathias realized with some self-disgust that he had no idea what Evelyn was good at or if she was actually good at anything. Her mother was as good a potions brewer as any squib could be, and it was... more
          • ThanksDuncan, Angus and Whitney, Tue Jun 11 14:31
            "Oh very much so." Angus replied. Most witches and wizards never accomplished that, or even tried. Possibly because it was something that had to be regulated and registered, which really wasn't a... more
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