Tatiana Vorontsova
Mon Jun 3, 2019 13:30

In the hours leading up to the Concert, Tatiana had been so excited that she had briefly forgotten how to speak English. Fortunately, there was one other student who was fluent in Russian and a couple of others who could manage well enough to at least assure anyone else that she wasn't insulting anyone's mother, which was all she thought was really necessary on this occasion.

Hours later, it was still difficult to believe her own mama and papa were in her school, along with Sonia and Grisha, all dressed splendidly and on display. She felt she could have puffed up like a rooster with pride, especially whenever anyone looked at them. Mama especially was a source of satisfaction, beautiful as she was in her person and magnificent as she was in her jewels and embroidered robes. It was difficult to stop smiling with delight, both at having so much of her family around her again and at the impression she was sure they were making.

She was also happy to see Émilie, though she was more ambivalent about the corresponding sights of Monsieur and Madame Montoir. She still did not see how they could be so ignorant of their own children, or else so unwilling to deal with the situation with Matthieu. If he had been her son, and all the usual punishments had not changed his behavior, she would have had him horsewhipped! But he was not present tonight, and so she resolved not to let him ruin her good mood.

Subtlety was often lost on her, but she gradually realized that Émilie wanted to speak with her away from the chatter, and so she separated slightly from the group with the younger girl. A warm smile of genuine pleasure at seeing Émilie again faded into a slightly puzzled look as Émilie made her complaint.

"Eh, I think so," she said, thinking about what she had observed of Professor Brooding's behavior. "I do not talk at her so much, but our Dorya does." Amusement flashed across her face as she said, "sometimes I say, 'Dorya! Si tu ne me parlez pas ce soir, je penserai que tu aimes plus la professeure Brooding que me!'" Dorya! If you do not speak to me this evening, I will think you like Professor Brooding more than me! "Dorya likes her very much. She puts books in yazyki - er, les langues - in room for us. Anglais, Francais, Kitaiskii, Russkii, Nemetskii - some students speak po-Nemetski," she added, to clarify why there were books in German in the room along with English, French, Chinese, and Russian. "What you talk about?" she asked curiously.

OOC: Tatiana's French is a bit inaccurate, in accordance with her not being fluent in it.

  • Complaints (tag Tatiana)Émilie Montoir, Sat Jun 1 09:56
    Émilie had not quite made up her mind what to do about Professor Brooding yet. Part of her was tempted to complain to Mama or Professor Skies or anyone who’d listen and have the horrible woman fired... more
    • Concern. — Tatiana Vorontsova, Mon Jun 3 13:30
      • Increasingly soÉmilie, Mon Jun 3 19:30
        "Oui, je sais," Émilie nodded grimly, when Tatiana mentioned how very much time Dorian spent with the Professor. "He should not do like this. It is not correct," she protested when Tatiana mentioned... more
        • Yes, concern is on the rise.Tatiana, Mon Jun 3 21:09
          Tatiana was surprised by the utter bluntness of Émilie's assessment of Dorian's behavior with Professor Brooding, and half-shrugged. "He is her - bah, I forget word. She asks for help from student.... more
          • I have practical solutionsÉmilie, Tue Jun 4 00:49
            Émilie was concerned by the word that Tatiana couldn't find. Favourite? Pet? But it seemed there was another student in the same position. It was hard to imagine them both having exactly the same... more
            • Practical and direct, I approve.Tatiana, Tue Jun 4 14:55
              Tatiana shrugged at the question about why Dorian could not stay with Jehan instead of going to philosophize wi"ofth the professor. "I don't know. Last year, they have a fight. Maybe he just make... more
              • Just like youÉmilie, Wed Jun 5 19:20
                “Quoi? Quand? Et porquoi?” Émilie asked, shocked when Tatiana said that Dorian had had a fight with Jehan. Dorian and Jehan did not fight. She supposed it had been nothing, just a little spat the way ... more
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