Jessica Hayles
Rest is for the weak.
Mon Jun 3, 2019 16:55

It was almost time to go home.

For months, that thought had sustained Jessica. No matter how awful things seemed, she had known that eventually she would get to go home, and spend some time where it was safe, where she could enjoy herself and get some rest, so she could come back to plotting her revenge refreshed next year. At home, she would have the company of her parents and her staff and her sisters. At home, she could be happy, for a little while.

Why, then, now that she was on the brink of going home, did she feel nothing except smoldering resentment?

She excused herself to return to the bathroom to collect herself before leaving the school at the end of the night, hoping to give the girl in the mirror a stern talking-to. Upon pushing the door open, however, she was startled to find someone else also taking refuge.

"It's a real problem," she said breathily, tucking her light red curls behind her ear. "Best we've got is tubing mascara, and that doesn't fan as well as other formulas." She blushed, realizing she was talking shop, reciting remarks she had heard her father make when he took her on lab tours or let her play in his office. "I'm sorry, my family's in the cosmetics business. I hope that's not Arvale products," she added with a small laugh, going along with the joking tone of the other girl and deferring to her evident desire not to talk about the cause of her tears.

  • Because I wasn't busy enough. [Tag Jessica.]Evelyn Stones, Mon Jun 3 16:18
    OOC - The very end of the night/final thread for Evelyn. IC - The end of the year should've been bittersweet. The sound of footsteps trickling down the hall as the night wound to a close should've... more
    • Rest is for the weak. — Jessica Hayles, Mon Jun 3 16:55
      • I am too weak to rest. Evelyn Stones, Mon Jun 3 17:02
        Evelyn had turned resolutely back to her reflection, figuring she wasn't in Teppenpaw and had no reputation for niceties to uphold. She was Evelyn Stones of the Oregon Jerkfaces and that was just... more
        • Maybelline. Jessica nodded. The original mascara people. It had always been an effort to compete with Maybelline in the mascara market, simply because they had that reputation as the people who had... more
          • "Your family-- wow! That's so cool!" Well, what fortune there was to be found in the bathroom these days. Evelyn wondered what it would be like to have a business-oriented family that was not crappy, ... more
            • You can do whatever you want. Such an appealing thought. Jessica had always believed it, until this year. She rather hoped that Evelyn was right and Skies was wrong, but even if she was, then... more
              • Well, that song will be stuck in my head forever.Evelyn Stones, Tue Jun 4 00:53
                Evelyn grinned her signature dorky grin; she was always excited for makeup and the terrible time she had coming up would certainly be improved by samples. "That sounds good. You must get loads of... more
                • Jessica smiled politely and nodded at the comment about getting things for free. She did, of course, she supposed, technically, though Mommy and Daddy had always discouraged her from talking about... more
                  • Run, always run.Evelyn Stones, Sun Jun 9 22:50
                    Evelyn smiled, agreeing wholeheartedly with the idea that more friends were always good. Of course, her life hardly reflected that. She supposed that she was prone to recruiting people to her small... more
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