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Mon Jun 3, 2019 18:41

"Pleased to meet you," Selina smiled warmly, shaking Mrs. Hayles' hand. She wasn't sure what to make of the fact that she had seemed content to let her husband speak for them until that point, or what it was about the current situation that had made her change her mind all of a sudden. But that was a less pressing concern than the mention of dungeons as an expectation. Admittedly, some of the European schools were housed in old castles, and thus included dungeons, but even these were repurposed as classrooms. Cold and unappealing ones, by all accounts, but still... better than actual dungeony dungeons. Had Rosalie and Arthur extended their reading about the magical world and come across such a reference somewhere? Or did they just have strange, half formed notions of witches, stemming from Muggle fairytales, where Selina believed they were generally given a less than flattering press? Or, more concerningly still, had Jessica said something that had caused them to consider this possibility?

"No, definitely no dungeons," she said firmly but evenly. She wanted to give the impression that this was not even the remotest possibility, but outright reacting as if the remark was ridiculous... Well, whilst it would do for emphasis, it would probably not do for the Hayleses' feelings towards her. The Hayleses, she suspected, were not used to beimg regarded as ridiculous under any circumstances. "Is there a particular reason you thought there might be?" she asked, deploying every ounce of her years of professional training to make this sound like a reasonable question.

She listened carefully to the rest of the Hayleses concerns, surprised to find them verging on the thoroughly reasonable. Arguably, in fact, they were squarely in it. Oddly, the complaints were not things Jessica had voiced herself.

"That particular portrait is one I am not particularly fond of," she agreed, "But the founders had their reasons for choosing it, and unfortunately seem to have been very firm in their convictions, as it's utterly unmoveable - you might think it would be easy enough, with magic, but you have to bear in mind that whoever put it there had that advantage too, and they've made quite sure we can't change it. The snakes... They're more emblematic. They do move, which I suppose can be a little unsettling first, but they really aren't at all lifelike.

"I'm very sorry to hear that Jessica was disturbed by these things, or that she lost sleep over them. They aren't concerns she raised in particular with me," she added. There certainly had been those, by the spadeful, and Selina wondered whether they were starting small and building towards the big things - trying to undermine the foundations before going in for the kill Well, of course you can't be expected to design a curriculum when you can't even furnish a room tastefully.- there being, after all, a clear overlap in the skill sets of pedagogy and interior design. "I admit that I noticed she had some trouble adjusting to being here, but that is quite common. She seemed to settle after Midterm.

"Did she mention what she finds uncomfortable or inadequate?" Selina asked mildly. She couldn't help but feel it was most likely something ridiculous, especially given that even her own mother seemed to be willing to suggest that Jessica might have unrealistic ideals about the style in which she was kept. "It's... a fairly normal bathroom, I'd say. Hot and cold running water," given that they had expected dungeons, she felt that it wasn't unreasonable to think this might need clarifying, "Normally it's shared between roommates but as she doesn't have any, she has one to herself

"I'd be more than happy to show you Jessica's living quarters," she replied. "We don't include them on the tour as it's sort of a school tradition that students don't know the ways into other houses, and we have several alumni on the tour whose house pride might not like their secrets revealed. But I can see no reason why you shouldn't be allowed to see where your daughter lives."

  • Hopefully that won’t be the last one.Arthur and Ros, Sun Jun 2 17:38
    Ros was loath to admit it, but she relaxed slightly after the witch in front of her was no longer in direct contact with Arthur’s hand. Since the Wall Incident, she had been slightly wary of touching ... more
    • Lots of agreeing would be nice — DH Skies, Mon Jun 3 18:41
      • Yes, it would.Arthur and Ros, Mon Jun 3 22:40
        "It did seem a little in line with the rest of your aesthetic," said Ros, not unreasonably, Arthur thought, when Mrs. Skies asked why they had thought there might be dungeons. "There's torches and... more
        • "Well, some of us our aesthetic may be rather medieval, as you say, but I can assure you that our methods aren't," Selina smiled politely. Storybook witches it was then, in terms of the impression... more
          • It seems possible.Arthur and Ros, Sat Jun 8 20:31
            "That's a rather unscientific ground to build your - Houses? - on," remarked Arthur. "And if my prep school was anything to go by, the others would be happy to have her, so she could tell them how to ... more
            • *frantically lays more*Selina Skies, Tue Jun 11 03:22
              Selina was quite curious as to what Arthur Hayles would consider a scientific method for house placements, or indeed why he thought a scientific method was at all necessary for something that was... more
              • It may have gotten us a little further, but....Arthur and Ros, Tue Jun 11 11:09
                "True enough," mused Arthur when Mrs. Skies said that switching allegiances was controversial. "Remember that first year we were married, Ros? When you went to church with your mama on Mother's Day?" ... more
                • The ball in your mixed metaphor nowDH Skies, Sat Jun 15 22:55
                  “I would actively encourage it," Selina smiled, very pleased to hear both that Jessica had been expanding her reading about the magical world and that her father was interested in doing so too.... more
                  • Let's keep it rolling.Arthur and Ros, Sun Jun 16 18:20
                    Ros had no desire to sit on the chair which had just appeared from nowhere. It was not normal for chairs to appear from thin air. It was the kind of thing that happened in odd dreams, not in real... more
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