Increasingly so
Mon Jun 3, 2019 19:30

"Oui, je sais," Émilie nodded grimly, when Tatiana mentioned how very much time Dorian spent with the Professor. "He should not do like this. It is not correct," she protested when Tatiana mentioned how she teased Dorian. This was no good. If Tatiana was noticing and saying things, how many others were already doing the same?

She ignored the mention of books as unimportant. She didn't even know what kitiaskii and nemetskii were. She didn't want to hear stories of how nice or kind Professor Brooding was. It only made it worse that she was nasty and corrupt on the inside. If someone looked obviously evil, it would be easy to notice, but Professor Brooding wore a smiling face and offered nice books and then slowly put inappropriate ideas into teenage boys's heads, and that was horrible.

"I not even know," she sighed when asked what they had talked of, "I try to say simple. And she starts... Maybe a thing is not a thing. Do you consider this? If you go upside down and backwards, maybe everything looks different," Émilie made her voice all floaty, not mimicking the Professor as such but conveying clearly the airy-fairy tone she had felt was far too prevelant in their conversation. "Non," she said, much more in her own tone, "Thing is a thing. She has too much philosophy," she sniffed disapprovingly. No doubt this was why Dorian liked her so much. He frequently strayed into the overly wordy and abstract. And now he had found someone who was using that tendency to overthink, to consider ridiculous angles that could never exist, and who was using it to put terrible thoughts into his head.

"Do other people say this too, about Dorian?" she asked, concerned, "That he has too much time with the professor? And maybe say it in a not nice way?"

  • Concern.Tatiana Vorontsova, Mon Jun 3 13:30
    In the hours leading up to the Concert, Tatiana had been so excited that she had briefly forgotten how to speak English. Fortunately, there was one other student who was fluent in Russian and a... more
    • Increasingly so — Émilie, Mon Jun 3 19:30
      • Yes, concern is on the rise.Tatiana, Mon Jun 3 21:09
        Tatiana was surprised by the utter bluntness of Émilie's assessment of Dorian's behavior with Professor Brooding, and half-shrugged. "He is her - bah, I forget word. She asks for help from student.... more
        • I have practical solutionsÉmilie, Tue Jun 4 00:49
          Émilie was concerned by the word that Tatiana couldn't find. Favourite? Pet? But it seemed there was another student in the same position. It was hard to imagine them both having exactly the same... more
          • Practical and direct, I approve.Tatiana, Tue Jun 4 14:55
            Tatiana shrugged at the question about why Dorian could not stay with Jehan instead of going to philosophize wi"ofth the professor. "I don't know. Last year, they have a fight. Maybe he just make... more
            • Just like youÉmilie, Wed Jun 5 19:20
              “Quoi? Quand? Et porquoi?” Émilie asked, shocked when Tatiana said that Dorian had had a fight with Jehan. Dorian and Jehan did not fight. She supposed it had been nothing, just a little spat the way ... more
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