You've got to know when to fold 'em, know when to hold 'em.
Mon Jun 3, 2019 20:53

You can do whatever you want.

Such an appealing thought. Jessica had always believed it, until this year. She rather hoped that Evelyn was right and Skies was wrong, but even if she was, then starting a new line, one that couldn't even be formed in their existing laboratories, from the ground had been one thing when Ariana had done it. There had been little competition when her great-grandmother had gotten in the game, and few regulations, and certainly not any of this business of wizards watching her every move. The odds were terrifying.

"Interesting," she said about color-changing lipstick. She knew that there were lipsticks that looked green but adjusted to an individualized color on the lips of each wearer, something to do with chemistry or temperature. There were also those mood ring things that changed color in response to temperature, she thought it was...if it was ground up super-fine, milled to powder...powders didn't really work in lipstick, but could it be suspended in the waxes that made up a typical lipstick, in such a way that it would wear comfortably and yet still do its thing?

Not that Jessica would be willing to be a test subject for that. If it didn't work then it could cut up her lips and anyway, she couldn't imagine the result being anything other than garish. One had to cater to the garish crowd a little, she supposed, but she did not have to join said crowd herself.

"Great," she said, accepting the address with a smile. She did not ask about the possible address change; sometimes people moved for no particular reason, and sometimes they moved because of something terrible, and asking about it just seemed like too much of a risk. "I'll get those right out to you after I get home."

She was surprised to find that someone as small as herself was actually so much older, but trusted that she managed to not show it too much. It was none of her business, though she had to feel a flash of envy at Evelyn getting to spend an extra year at home. She could have learned so much with an extra year. Not enough, of course - a sixth grade education was only so much more useful than a fifth grade one - but it would have been something.

"Me, either," she admitted. "I swear, it's like I fell into another universe sometimes. Sometimes I think everyone else is changing the meaning of all the words just to mess with me. Does it get any better as you go along?"

  • "Your family-- wow! That's so cool!" Well, what fortune there was to be found in the bathroom these days. Evelyn wondered what it would be like to have a business-oriented family that was not crappy, ... more
    • You've got to know when to fold 'em, know when to hold 'em. — Jessica, Mon Jun 3 20:53
      • Well, that song will be stuck in my head forever.Evelyn Stones, Tue Jun 4 00:53
        Evelyn grinned her signature dorky grin; she was always excited for makeup and the terrible time she had coming up would certainly be improved by samples. "That sounds good. You must get loads of... more
        • Jessica smiled politely and nodded at the comment about getting things for free. She did, of course, she supposed, technically, though Mommy and Daddy had always discouraged her from talking about... more
          • Run, always run.Evelyn Stones, Sun Jun 9 22:50
            Evelyn smiled, agreeing wholeheartedly with the idea that more friends were always good. Of course, her life hardly reflected that. She supposed that she was prone to recruiting people to her small... more
            • Sometimes that draws too much attention.Jessica , Mon Jun 10 12:37
              Jessica did not have the same fear of magic that Evelyn was describing - she had enough trouble believing anything was going to happen at all - but she found herself nodding unconsciously as the... more
              • We don't want that. Evelyn Stones, Mon Jun 17 16:51
                "I don't think it's about that. There are people who are ahead in one Waugh or another, but nobody's just ahead or behind. That's one of the things I actually really like about Sonora. It's just... more
                • Indeed not.Jessica, Mon Jun 17 19:25
                  Evelyn, Jessica surmised, was like birthday cake: small doses might be good, but Jessica suspected that larger ones might quickly get cloying. That was two rounds of platitudes in the course of about ... more
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