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Tue Jun 4, 2019 00:49

Émilie was concerned by the word that Tatiana couldn't find. Favourite? Pet? But it seemed there was another student in the same position. It was hard to imagine them both having exactly the same issue and subsequent disastrous relationship with the professor, so whatever it was was probably not important.

"Possible," she shrugged. She assumed that Vanya must somehow be a nickname for Vlad, seeing as they started with the same sound, and Tatiana's nicknames could get obtuse sometimes. She had not met Vlad so many times, and he had struck her as more cheerful than philosophical, but he and Dorian allegedly had the same personality type, as that was how houses worked here. "Jehan is plenty so," she observed, the construction not making it clear that this was a counterpoint and not a continuation, "Why he cannot stay with Jehan and not go to the Professor?" she grumbled. Answer, because Jehan was not an attractive woman, she supposed...

"No," she said, when Tatiana asked if she had heard anything bad about Dorian. "But I want that no bad starts." Tatiana's conern also seemed a lot more innocent than the type of rumour she was worried about. She pondered whether to say anything more - on the one hand, she did not want to put ideas in anyone's head, even someone friendly like Tatiana's, however if the worst thing she could think of was people slandering Dorian's grasp of English, then perhaps she might be too naive to recognise certain snide remarks for what they were. "They will maybe tease him for being teacher's favourite," she pointed out, opting for once for the middle ground rather than either extreme. "Maybe this. Maybe other things," she shrugged. And this was tricky, because if Professor Brooding was not going to dissuade Dorian, she needed to know someone would. But she also appreciated the tone in Tatiana's voice that said anyone saying this would have hell to pay. "But they do this, you hex their face, yes?" she confirmed, deciding to settle the simpler point first. This one was less pressing, in some senses, because the professor had at least promised to quash unkind gossip. But given her backwards view of everything, who knew what she would regard as such? And anyway, Émilie was not convinced all her philosophy about how they should all think would convince many people. Teenagers were vicious. An angry Russian shoving a wand in their faces seemed a much safer countermeasure.

"And," she added, addressing the other issue, the one the professor had refused to see as a problem, "If Dorian would do a stupid, you would say 'hey Dorya, do not do the stupid' yes?" she asked.

  • Yes, concern is on the rise.Tatiana, Mon Jun 3 21:09
    Tatiana was surprised by the utter bluntness of Émilie's assessment of Dorian's behavior with Professor Brooding, and half-shrugged. "He is her - bah, I forget word. She asks for help from student.... more
    • I have practical solutions — Émilie, Tue Jun 4 00:49
      • Practical and direct, I approve.Tatiana, Tue Jun 4 14:55
        Tatiana shrugged at the question about why Dorian could not stay with Jehan instead of going to philosophize wi"ofth the professor. "I don't know. Last year, they have a fight. Maybe he just make... more
        • Just like youÉmilie, Wed Jun 5 19:20
          “Quoi? Quand? Et porquoi?” Émilie asked, shocked when Tatiana said that Dorian had had a fight with Jehan. Dorian and Jehan did not fight. She supposed it had been nothing, just a little spat the way ... more
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