Evelyn Stones
Well, that song will be stuck in my head forever.
Tue Jun 4, 2019 00:53

Evelyn grinned her signature dorky grin; she was always excited for makeup and the terrible time she had coming up would certainly be improved by samples. "That sounds good. You must get loads of stuff free, right? That has to be so nice."

Does it get any better as you go along?

No, not really. But yes. But . . . no not really. Was the right answer the same thing as the honest answer? What would Heinrich say? She was pretty sure she already knew what Ness would say.

"It gets different," she said honestly. "I was held back because my family didn't think I had enough magic. It turns out I do have it, it was just about figuring out what that means for me," she said with as casual a shrug as she could manage. "I found people who support me and love me and . . . I'm sorry," she chuckled some, wiping away the fresh wave of tears.

"I have some stuff going on at home and those really great people have been supportive tonight especially. I don't mean to be weird." Taking a breath, she continued. "It really does change though. You start worrying about normal stuff like grades and a career and dating, instead of just trying to get through every moment and hoping it doesn't kill you." Or hoping it does. "Have you been able to make friends this year? I'm taking applications," she joked, lightning her more serious question.

  • You can do whatever you want. Such an appealing thought. Jessica had always believed it, until this year. She rather hoped that Evelyn was right and Skies was wrong, but even if she was, then... more
    • Well, that song will be stuck in my head forever. — Evelyn Stones, Tue Jun 4 00:53
      • Jessica smiled politely and nodded at the comment about getting things for free. She did, of course, she supposed, technically, though Mommy and Daddy had always discouraged her from talking about... more
        • Run, always run.Evelyn Stones, Sun Jun 9 22:50
          Evelyn smiled, agreeing wholeheartedly with the idea that more friends were always good. Of course, her life hardly reflected that. She supposed that she was prone to recruiting people to her small... more
          • Sometimes that draws too much attention.Jessica , Mon Jun 10 12:37
            Jessica did not have the same fear of magic that Evelyn was describing - she had enough trouble believing anything was going to happen at all - but she found herself nodding unconsciously as the... more
            • We don't want that. Evelyn Stones, Mon Jun 17 16:51
              "I don't think it's about that. There are people who are ahead in one Waugh or another, but nobody's just ahead or behind. That's one of the things I actually really like about Sonora. It's just... more
              • Indeed not.Jessica, Mon Jun 17 19:25
                Evelyn, Jessica surmised, was like birthday cake: small doses might be good, but Jessica suspected that larger ones might quickly get cloying. That was two rounds of platitudes in the course of about ... more
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