...You might be the only person who ever says that about me.
Thu Jun 6, 2019 12:43

"Je ne sais pas grand chose," admitted Tatiana. "Only they act very strange, and talk over my head - " this with a trace of annoyance - "and then they do not do so anymore, and they are Vanya y Dorya again. It maybe help, they think I knock their heads together if they do not stop acting strangeness," she added. "And I am not so - ehh!" She waved her hand. "Talk in wheel. I just tell them, when they talk over my head, what do you do? Why you so? Then they must talk. J'adore Dorian, mais il need to hear 'just say!' sometimes," she concluded with a nod.

Tatiana had, contrary to common opinion, actually heard of subtlety before in her life. She simply had no real use for it. Delicacy, in her opinion, was severely overrated. It was better to go straight to the source and just address the issue.

She was slightly surprised when Émilie embraced her, and she was fairly sure that nobody had ever used those first two English words to describe her before, but she hugged the younger girl too. "I want be good friend," she said. "I do my best, Mila." She smiled. "But we do this more, then Dorya, he be very confused," she added.

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    “Quoi? Quand? Et porquoi?” Émilie asked, shocked when Tatiana said that Dorian had had a fight with Jehan. Dorian and Jehan did not fight. She supposed it had been nothing, just a little spat the way ... more
    • ...You might be the only person who ever says that about me. — Tatiana, Thu Jun 6 12:43
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