Evelyn Stones
Run, always run.
Sun Jun 9, 2019 22:50

Evelyn smiled, agreeing wholeheartedly with the idea that more friends were always good. Of course, her life hardly reflected that. She supposed that she was prone to recruiting people to her small corner of Sonora, trying her best to make friends with everyone she could, and trying to be as friendly as she could be to everyone she met. At the same time, she genuinely didn't care about most of them that much. Or perhaps that was not true but she only wished it was. It would be easier if she didn't care about anybody anymore, although so far friends were less keen to let her down than family was.

"Good," she said, smiling at Jessica with an encouraging expression. The girl's next comments worried her because they were the sorts of things that Evelyn had said before herself. In one fell swoop, the first year had called herself an outsider, brushed off her real concerns, and hedged on the question she really wanted to ask. It was heartbreaking to see it from someone else.

"I didn't think that I could do it," Evelyn said softly, looking away as though the bathroom floor was suddenly very interesting. "I was afraid that if I tried and failed, everything would go wrong."

Evelyn had heard Ness talk about . . . those things. She couldn't remember what they were called now. The sorts of young witches and wizards who were forced to or forced themselves to keep their magic hidden and secret and it all resulted in their death, or worse. Evelyn had been scared of that, but she wasn't ready to admit that just yet. Of course, in her case, Professor Skies was a source of saving grace more than anything. She wondered what the Deputy Headmistress would think if she knew about her home situation now. Or did she already know and was saying nothing? That was almost worse.

"I'm not afraid of magic itself," she reassured Jessica. "But I'm afraid of not being able to control it the way I want to. I still catch things on fire sometimes and stuff like that. Maybe I'll get a career as a candle tester or something stupid," she added with a laugh.

  • Jessica smiled politely and nodded at the comment about getting things for free. She did, of course, she supposed, technically, though Mommy and Daddy had always discouraged her from talking about... more
    • Run, always run. — Evelyn Stones, Sun Jun 9 22:50
      • Sometimes that draws too much attention.Jessica , Mon Jun 10 12:37
        Jessica did not have the same fear of magic that Evelyn was describing - she had enough trouble believing anything was going to happen at all - but she found herself nodding unconsciously as the... more
        • We don't want that. Evelyn Stones, Mon Jun 17 16:51
          "I don't think it's about that. There are people who are ahead in one Waugh or another, but nobody's just ahead or behind. That's one of the things I actually really like about Sonora. It's just... more
          • Indeed not.Jessica, Mon Jun 17 19:25
            Evelyn, Jessica surmised, was like birthday cake: small doses might be good, but Jessica suspected that larger ones might quickly get cloying. That was two rounds of platitudes in the course of about ... more
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