Mathias Stones
I'm glad to have met you tonight.
Sun Jun 9, 2019 23:19

Mathias realized with some self-disgust that he had no idea what Evelyn was good at or if she was actually good at anything. Her mother was as good a potions brewer as any squib could be, and it was certainly in her blood, so that was a strong possibility. But what if she was terrible at it? He didn't know that he wanted to risk that.

"You must be very proud. Transfiguration was a favorite of mine when I was in school, although I never became an animagus," he said, smiling. If he was honest, the idea of having to be mostly quiet through the whole process was enough for him to decide against it. He had too many things to say for that to be a good option. Did Evelyn want to be an animagus? It would certainly be helpful if she could be a mouse or something.

"What are her post-graduation plans?" he asked, hoping to get ideas. What did young magical graduates do these days anyway? "She's coming into an adulthood with quite a legacy behind her," he said, nodding again to the family name she had inherited.

The thought that he may have to do this all again in ten years was almost too much for him to bear, but at least he'd have a kid he could be proud to boast of next time. He sent a silent prayer to whoever was out there that Charles James would never be too interested in concerts and things.

"Have all of yours started school already?"

  • Angus-"It sure is!"Duncan, Angus and Whitney, Fri Jun 7 17:31
    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Stones." Angus replied warmly. The name was vaguely familiar, he thought they might be a family who produced people of decent magical ability, even if they weren't... more
    • I'm glad to have met you tonight. — Mathias Stones, Sun Jun 9 23:19
      • ThanksDuncan, Angus and Whitney, Tue Jun 11 14:31
        "Oh very much so." Angus replied. Most witches and wizards never accomplished that, or even tried. Possibly because it was something that had to be regulated and registered, which really wasn't a... more
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