Duncan, Angus and Whitney
Tue Jun 11, 2019 14:31

"Oh very much so." Angus replied. Most witches and wizards never accomplished that, or even tried. Possibly because it was something that had to be regulated and registered, which really wasn't a problem for his family. Not only that, but Angus had cousins who very firmly believed there were unregistered animagi who worked as spies. And also very firmly believed that some of their own relatives were unregistered animagi who worked as spies.

Anyway, either that or people didn't become animagi because they just...weren't all that great at Transfiguration. However, Juniper was and she'd always loved animals, so this was a terrific way to fuse his daughter's two best subjects, one of which involved her greatest passion in life.

Whitney wasn't as impressed as her husband. She didn't necessarily think being an animagus was a bad thing per se, but she certainly would have rather had a daughter who was a social butterfly than an actual butterfly. "Oh, she'll be getting married as soon as we can find a suitable husband for her." The implication in her tone was that they hadn't found someone good enough rather than there being a problem with Juniper herself, even though that was more what Whitney was concerned about.

In fact, she found it odd that Mr. Stones should ask what the Teppenpaw would be doing after graduation. Certainly a Brockert girl would not be working . They had been born into a station in life where they did not have to.

"Oh, it's just the two of them." Angus answered, gesturing at Duncan.

"I graduated several years ago." Duncan stated. "Now I'm a therapist, working mostly with ghosts who are either experiencing transitional issues or had issues when they were alive that they still want to discuss."

Whitney honestly wished her son had not added that last part. It was made him seem so...strange and while Mr. Stones' opinion was not really of any value to her, she never wanted anyone to think her children were anything but perfectly normal and respectable.

"What about you?" Angus asked even though Miss Stones was a little young to know what she wanted to do with her life. "Any other children?" The other man seemed to be here alone but Angus felt it wouldn't be tactful to ask about the man's wife.

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