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Meeting the Boyfriend
Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:19

The concert had been very educational. In the case of the tour and even the Aladren act, that had been overt, with direct explanations about the facts of Sonora life, but the other three acts told the two muggle Ives parents almost as much about what their daughter learned and could do. Not the musical parts, of course, Zevalyn took after her father in her complete inability to hold a tune, but the magic bits were stunning. Last summer, Zevalyn had been of age and had been allowed to do magic at home, but due to the muggle neighborhood and all the delicate electronics in the house, she had kept her displays minimal and low key.

There was nothing minimal or low key about what they were seeing today. Teppenpaw - the House Zevalyn reported her boyfriend was in - even turned people invisible and shot off fireworks indoors as well as other fire and explosive effects with no apparent damage to the building or even the performers who were relatively close by. Of course, they weren’t entirely certain which of those Teppenpaws was The Boyfriend as none of them were quite what Zevalyn had described (“kind of like David Bowie, but cuter”), but the act as a whole was enjoyable and showed he at least belonged to a House that valued people. They thought that was a good trait to have in their daughter’s boyfriend. Though when a picture came up with Zevalyn in it along with the tallest boy on stage, they felt they might have figured it out.

When the show was over, the tall Teppenpaw and Zevalyn had already found each other by the time her parents found her, and they exchanged a look of self-satisfied smugness between themselves at having correctly solved the puzzle. Though a new one presented itself in the child clinging to Kir’s back. The darker skin tone and age eliminated the possibility that this was younger sibling Ness, and they did not recall Zevalyn mentioning any other siblings in the McLeod household.

“Oh, well, then,” Damien Ives said, shaking the offered hand as the boy hid his face away under direct observation, “classified is classified. I will immediately forget I saw anything. I’m Damien Ives, Zevalyn’s father.” He hesitated a moment wondering if it was the done thing these days to invite young men to call their girlfriend’s father by his given name. He decided to leave it at that and let Kir decide if he was a Damien or a Dr. Ives. He was totally hip enough to allow first name familiarity, but he did not want to seem like he was trying too hard to be cool or something. That never went over well with teenage daughters, from what he could tell according to popular television, and he had no data to go on for Zevalyn’s personal tolerance. Best to err as too much of a square than risk upsetting her. This was her big day, after all. Not quite the traditional High School Graduation ceremony he had once looked forward to, but it was as close as Zev was going to get, going to a magic school.

“I’m her mom, Patty Ives,” Patricia Ives added, shaking Kir’s hand next, and doing her best to pretend to not notice the boy clinging to Kir’s back. Zev gave her dad a quick hug while they shook, then hugged her mom when the handshake was over. “Good to see you again! It seems like it’s been so long!” At Christmas, she had stood even with her mom, but now she definitely had a small height advantage that hadn’t been there a few months ago. Dad was still taller, though Kir had about four inches on even him.

“You, too, sweetheart,” Damien said then remembered it wasn’t Cool to call your almost nineteen year old daughter sweetheart in public. He hurried to cover up the lapse, “I loved your act! Aladren did a great job, Zev!”

“Teppenpaw, too,” Patty added diplomatically with a smile toward Kir. “The whole show was very well done, really.”

“Thanks, Dad, Mom,” Zev said trying and failing not to look too pleased by the praise. “I’m so glad you could both come and see it!” Not that she had ever doubted they would if given the chance. It was just that the chance was not always a given for muggle parents in a magic school.

“We’re glad, too.”

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