Jeremy Mordue
You're not helpful!
Fri Jun 14, 2019 06:32

Great. It had to be Nathaniel. Nathaniel, who was perfect and did everything right, was now going to point out to Jeremy how he was failing again. How he should just learn to behave and not let this show. Well, he had done that, hadn’t he? He hadn’t done anything in public - it was Nathaniel’s fault that this was now being witnessed because this had been perfectly private until he’d come along to stick his nose in.

Rationally, perhaps, Jeremy should have been glad it was his brother who had happened upon him, rather than anyone worse. Of the list of people who it would have been worse to be found in this state by was… well, approximately everybody. Simon and Sylvia mattered more than Nathaniel, and the thought of any of his roommates catching him in this state would have been appalling. Even teachers would be pretty bad right now, because though they might ordinarily be nice and weren’t allowed to tell his peers he’d been crying, they would probably be pretty annoyed about the hedge. But rationality wasn’t really playing a very big part in things right now, and Jeremy hadn’t wanted to be seen by anyone, and so Nathaniel being there was still a problem.

“Nothing,” he replied thickly. He kept his back turned to his brother, kept his words to a minimum, but even that one word shook far too obviously for his liking. He aimed another kick at the hedge, figuring it didn’t matter now that Nathaniel had seen anyway and because the other option was bursting into tears and he wanted to do that even less. “Just go away!” he snapped.

  • That doesn't seem helpful.Nathaniel Mordue, Thu Jun 13 17:21
    Something was wrong. This was, on the whole, nothing new, but right now something specific and not part of everyday was wrong. Either Jeremy was ill or Jeremy was hiding, because he had been gone... more
    • You're not helpful! — Jeremy Mordue, Fri Jun 14 06:32
      • Fair. Let me try again.Nathaniel , Fri Jun 14 12:44
        As soon as he asked the question, Nathaniel knew it was the wrong one. It was quite obvious what Jeremy was doing; the actual question was why he was doing it. Did it wrong. Not good enough. Not good ... more
        • Keep diggingJeremy Mordue, Sat Jun 15 22:35
          He couldn’t leave. He wanted to help. He was worried that Jeremy was going to hurt himself. And Jeremy’s solution didn’t fix anything. Right. That was the real problem. Not that Jeremy was going to... more
          • I'm trying my best.Nathaniel, Sun Jun 16 15:37
            Nathaniel realized pretty much instantly that he had clearly not helped yet. He did not think that noticing this was any great measure of perceptiveness on his part, however. Anyone could have seen... more
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