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Post concert meetings
Fri Jun 14, 2019 16:18

Stefanie had - with difficulty - put aside her annoyance with her father-in-law. Who in their right mind aided and abetted a child they didn’t even know in doing something as obviously not done as climbing a window to the top of the waterfalls? But she was calm, she was enjoying her son’s concert, and she was not thinking about Granddad. The Aladren act was a burst of nostalgia from her girlhood, and she almost managed to forget he was sitting on Peter’s other side.

Unfortunately, she was forcefully reminded of him when the Teppenpaw act came on and he cheered loudly every time something exploded - and for a Teppenpaw act, there were an awful lot of explosions. This was a fact that could only be explained by the Sparks influence - specifically her father-in-law’s - on one of its members. She might predate the return of the midsummer events, but she was a Sonora alumnus and she knew was familiar enough with Teppenpaw stereotypes to have preconceived notions of what to expect from a Teppenpaw Concert Act. It was still that; the act wasn’t misrepresentative or anything, there was still a baffling level of friendship and goodwill toward others displayed. There was just . . . a lot more fire and booming going on than the warmhearted songs necessarily called for.

And while she was academically and maternally impressed by Jozua’s control of his advanced spellwork, she was equally glad that her extended family had not been invited - not that they would have deigned to come even if they were, but they might have asked about Jozua’s part in it, and she didn’t think the Maartens would have displayed the same kid of enthusiasm for their grandson’s accomplishment as Peter’s father was.

And even after moving clear to another hemisphere to distance herself from them, Stefanie could not entirely shake the opinion that the Crotalus act was still much more to her taste than the one her son was in. But then, she had never stood much chance of being sorted into Teppenpaw. She had been an Aladren through and through. As bad as it sounded, Jozua hadn’t learned his Teppenpaw values from her, and she found the whole thing just a bit too much with all the sentimentalism. If she hadn’t already been angry at Peter’s father, she would have appreciated the dissonance of the explosions as a reprieve, but as it was, she was mostly just glad when it was over. Which in turn made her feel like a bad mom.

The good news was that the Pecari act was at least cohesive and what she would expect from a Pecari act, so she’d be able to be truthful when telling Jozua’s girlfriend that she enjoyed her act.

Fortunately, when Jozua joined them, his father and grandfather were effusive enough in their praise that she got away with complimenting just the quality of his spellwork rather than the act as a whole without him noticing any lack of appreciation.

She had seen enough pictures of Lily over the years that she had been able to pick the girl out in the Pecari act, and was likewise able to spot her now heading for the refreshment table. “I think I see Lily, over there, did you want to introduce us?”

She could tell from his expression that it wasn’t high on his list of desires, but it wasn’t absent entirely, so he followed her gesture with his eyes and smiled when he spotted the girl he rarely stopped talking about. “Sure,” he agreed, and led the way.

“Lily!” he called out when they got close (though still too far away for Stefanie’s taste). He at least waited until they were within normal conversational distance before continuing, “Pecari did great! Awesome job!” Then, like it was an afterthought and not his purpose (which it very well might not have been), he added, “Here’s my mom and dad. Mom, Dad, Granddad, you remember Lily?”

Of course they did. It might have been years since she visited with Finn for the dueling tournament, but there was no chance that Jozua would have let them forget her.

“Good to see you again, Lily!” Peter said heartily. “Great job tonight, and congratulations on your graduation!” Stefanie echoed these sentiments if not quite so enthusiastically. Peter was probably where Jozua got his Teppishness from.

“Pecari’s adventure was the best act of the bunch!” Granddad added, apparently not feeling compelled to lie for Jozua’s sake. But then Granddad would doubtless have been a Pecari himself had he gone to Sonora. He would like an adventure story over a series of friendship songs, even with the pyrotechnics.

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