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"Pleased to meet you," Kir smiled, as Zevalyn's parents introduced themselves. They had not called themselves Dr. Ives and Dr. Ives, and they had used their first names. Kir knew quite a lot of informal adults but wasn't sure it was wise just to go for that unless actively invited. He would probably err on the side of caution and use 'Dr. Ives' if he had to. Ideally, he would just manage to not call anyone by name throughout the entire conversation, thus avoiding the issue. And in his own head, he tended to think of them as ‘Zevalyn’s dad’ and ‘Zevalyn’s mom’ in spite of them both now being real people with actual names both because mentally referring to them as Dr. Ives and Dr. Ives was just going to be confusing and because Zevalyn was, of course, the centre of the universe.

He gave Zevalyn’s dad an appreciative smile as he seemed to understand the whole spy situation. He supposed given that they had Zevalyn, they had been exposed to the fact that eight year olds were generally weird (though it was hard to imagine Zev as anything but bookish and well-behaved. Not that that precluded weird, of course…), and still, some people were very firm about behaving ‘properly’ and not ‘being silly’ and the like, and it was a relief to know that he wasn’t be judged as being a terrible role model for small children. He wondered what eight year old Zevalyn had been like, and whether he’d have a chance to hear any of those stories... Over his shoulder, the small face grinned with excitement at finding a fun adult who seemed to actually definitely really (probably) believe that he was a spy (or at least was willing to pretend).

"Thank you," he smiled when Zevalyn's mom praised Teppenpaw, “Though really, I just followed orders.” And kept people from killing each other, and me. That had actually been a fairly major undertaking and one that he thought he deserved a bit of a pat on the back for, but not here and now. Maybe from his parents. After all, he had taken great care to avoid Zevalyn knowing that he and her best friend had been stressing each other out. She had had enough on her plate as it was.

“I don’t know how you put together a performance and did your exams and your Head Girl duties all at the same time,” he added, “Well… Because you’re brilliant,” he added, providing his own answer, and beaming at her with pride. He was pretty sure that the theme of ‘Zevalyn is wonderful’ was one that everyone here could get behind with enthusiasm.

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    The concert had been very educational. In the case of the tour and even the Aladren act, that had been overt, with direct explanations about the facts of Sonora life, but the other three acts told... more
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        Eva had come to retrieve her brother a short way into the conversation, and Kir had persuaded the small child to go by pointing out that Eva had got hold of classified materials, i.e. the boy's spy... more
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