Jeremy Mordue
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Sat Jun 15, 2019 22:35

He couldnít leave. He wanted to help. He was worried that Jeremy was going to hurt himself. And Jeremyís solution didnít fix anything. Right. That was the real problem. Not that Jeremy was going to get hurt but that he was embarrassing Nathaniel. Again, this was entirely Nathanielís fault for being there. Jeremy hadnít asked him to come and witness him getting into a fight with a hedge. He was sick of Nathaniel trailing him around, finding reasons to be upset with him. He did fine when Nathaniel wasnít there. It was like he kept trying to butt in to all the worst possible moments just so that he could be a jerk.

ďOh, Iím sorry,Ē he snapped, ďAm I supposed to be fixing things now? I thought that was your self-appointed job,Ē he crossed his arms firmly over his chest, managing to turn and face Nathaniel, his tears back in check now that he had something he could funnel his anger into instead. Because how could Nathaniel tell him to fix things? What was he supposed to do? It was laughable that Nathaniel thought he himself stood a chance, but Jeremy was not about to be recruited to his hopeless crusade.

ďHave you got a plan for getting father back? Or maybe you know how to make mother pull herself together and give a damn? If you do, Nathaniel, thatíd be really, really great. Iím all ears. Whatís the brilliant solution?Ē

  • Fair. Let me try again.Nathaniel , Fri Jun 14 12:44
    As soon as he asked the question, Nathaniel knew it was the wrong one. It was quite obvious what Jeremy was doing; the actual question was why he was doing it. Did it wrong. Not good enough. Not good ... more
    • Keep digging — Jeremy Mordue, Sat Jun 15 22:35
      • I'm trying my best.Nathaniel, Sun Jun 16 15:37
        Nathaniel realized pretty much instantly that he had clearly not helped yet. He did not think that noticing this was any great measure of perceptiveness on his part, however. Anyone could have seen... more
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