Ryan O'Malley
A blast from the past
Sun Jun 16, 2019 19:39

Ryan entered the Cascade Hall, looking around for his parents and other relatives that would be coming to Sonora tonight for the concert. He was here alone, as Sophie and his children were not allowed to come. He sort of understood with the children, and he wasn't sure if Stanley would even be able to sit still for the concert but he and Sophie were a married couple and should be allowed to do things together. Not that they never spent time apart, but Ryan felt like he was missing something without her standing next to him at an event. Plus, it was kind of wrong that-technically-Carrie was allowed to come-though of course she wouldn't-and Sophie wasn't.

However, he wouldn't miss this concert for anything even without his wife along. He knew it was incredibly important to Peyton that he be there. They'd always been very close ever since the time the fourth year was a baby. It was really nice for Ryan after the way Carrie had treated him to have two younger sisters-the other being his step-sister Sally-who actually liked him, especially as Peyton in particular adored him.

Anyway, though Ryan had been here since he graduated, when Sophie was working here, it was nice to see his alma mater again. The tour would be like a trip down memory lane for him. Things like meeting Sophie and winning second place in the challenges-on a team he was leading -sprang to mind. True, Ryan's team hadn't won, but that they hadn't been dead last had made him feel a bit less like a total loser.

Of course, not all his memories here were positive. Like when Carrie had been sorted into the same house as him and he'd spent three years living in fear of running into her in the common room. Plus, all the times when he had and she'd harrassed him.

Ryan would like to believe he'd come a long way since then. He was happily married with three wonderful children and he had a career as a social worker, doing his best to protect kids who were like him though sometimes, he didn't feel as if he was able to do enough. His instinct was to take children out of those situations but that didn't always work out the way he wanted. Then Ryan felt like a failure and one whose particular failings lead to the suffering of a child. It kept him up at night at times and he worried more about the children he'd came across in his career than his own. His own children were happy and healthy and had two loving parents. That wasn't the case with the ones he worked with.

He continued to look around the Hall, not spotting anyone he knew. Before he could, someone came up and greeted him.

  • Pre-Concert - Arrivals and TourDH Skies, Sat May 25 03:39
    The day of the concert was sliding pleasantly into a bright, warm summer’s evening. Given the weather charms around the school, to make the climate closer to Ireland than Arizona, you could never... more
    • ArrivingThe Priorys, Wed Jun 19 00:15
      Kaylie had not been back to Sonora in years. Her son, Connor had been in the last concert, but it had been at a hotel nearby in order to accomodate muggle parents. She wasn't sure why they had... more
    • A blast from the past — Ryan O'Malley, Sun Jun 16 19:39
    • Working on my first detention before I even startAnya Delachene, with Granddad Sparks, Thu Jun 6 14:27
      Anya was so super stoked to be going to see Jasmine’s concert at Sonora, she could hardly contain herself. Not so much for the concert, but for Sonora itself, which she was getting an unexpected... more
      • Would you like some help?Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sun Jun 16 00:19
        There were several things wrong with the scene in front of him. Firstly, family members were not supposed to be in the hall in general right now, and most definitely not someway up a windowpane.... more
    • We have a problem Holly Delachene with Raoul and Philippe , Mon May 27 17:17
      Anya was missing. Holly hadn’t seen her younger daughter since they walked through the doorway into the school. She and Raoul had taken a moment to admire the banner that Jasmine reported she had... more
      • Ich verstehe nicht.Florian Eckart and Agathe Zauberhexen, Wed May 29 00:34
        Agathe Zauberhexen stood with her son and husband, happily taking in their surroundings. It had been a short trip, of course, but the distance was very great. It was interesting to see something so... more
        • I don’t understand Holly, Wed Jun 5 10:12
          Holly blinked in equal incomprehension to the responses she got in reply to her query as her question had induced in the family before her. Jasmine had said something about there being a pair of... more
    • Fish out of water.Arthur and Rosalie Hayles, Mon May 27 09:01
      The man who had driven the car had looked almost comically normal. Everything about him had made Arthur Hayles want to hand him something and tell him to go file it - everything, from the lineaments... more
      • That's quite alright! The De Matteos, Mon May 27 13:53
        Ilefonso De Matteo was accompanied by his wife and daughter as he approached the first people who looked uncomfortable. It was in his nature - or practice - to seek out people who may need a friendly ... more
        • If you say so.Arthur and Ros, Mon May 27 17:32
          The painted man, apparently unmoved by horrified silent stares, lost interest in Ros and her husband and returned to his ledgers. Ros continued staring at him, though, trying to assure herself Arthur ... more
          • I know so. The De Matteos, Mon May 27 22:01
            Ilefonso positively beamed, thrilled to have found that he'd accidentally met the parents of his boy's classmates. "¡Es maravilloso! They must be in the same class, then," he said, shaking Arthur's... more
            • I approve of your confidence anyway.Arthur and Ros, Tue May 28 12:13
              “Yes,” said Arthur. “Jessica. Jessica Hayles.” Jessica, who was causing him such headaches, both professional and personal. Jessica, whom he missed every day. He did not think he had realized just... more
              • Confidence is a man's best strategy.The De Matteos, Tue May 28 14:30
                Leonor's mouth fell open in embarrassment and shame for a moment, before changing into excited surprise. Then, unbidden, words tumbled out of it. "¡Tú también sabes español! Mi hermano dijo que todos ... more
                • Or a woman’s.Arthur and Ros, Tue May 28 17:18
                  “Oh, it’s quite all right,” said Ros, smiling at the little girl reflexively. It was easy to smile at a little girl, even...knowing...what she was. Arthur, predictably, looked intrigued by what the... more
                  • Ah, yes of course.The De Matteos, Tue May 28 18:39
                    Julieta smiled gratefully. She'd been worried about some of the cultural differences that might prejudice others against them for any number of reasons, and she'd been worried that Felipe would take... more
    • A Maarten and two Sparks walk into a schoolStefanie Sparks plus Two, Mon May 27 08:36
      Peter and Stefanie Sparks apparated into the landing area near Sonora Academy. After another moment, a third crack sounded the arrival of Peter’s father. He wasn’t technically invited, being neither... more
      • Sounds like the set up to somethingMarijke Lange (Mom: Kir & Ness), Mon May 27 20:09
        It would be Marijke's second Sonora concert, but her first at the actual school. The previous time they had attended, it had been at the hotel in town, and they had been a party of three. It still... more
        • It’s the set up to meeting youStefanie and Peter Sparks, Wed Jun 5 15:49
          To be quite frank, Stefanie expected her question to be answered in the negative. Jozua, despite his sorting into Teppenpaw, did not have an abundance of friends. There were perhaps a half dozen... more
    • Wow, magic!Damien and Patricia Ives, Sun May 26 19:09
      Damien and Patricia Ives were half-tempted to just go with the car ride route into the school, based mostly on the idea that they were already in Pheonix already, it hardly was any effort to drive... more
      • Wow, non-magic!Abraham Jackson , Tue May 28 05:06
        The Jacksons had opted to travel by Floo, seeing as only one member of the family could aparate, and side-alonging the other three was a bit of a stretch, given that that included another adult and a ... more
    • Zdravstvuite, sonory!Sem'ya Vorontsovykh, Sun May 26 18:29
      The smile on the face of the young man who, finding himself in the presence of a woman upon emerging from the fire, bowed to Mary Brooding was almost laughably forced. This awkward expression,... more
      • Standing and talking nearbyKarl and Hans Hexenmeister, Mon May 27 19:45
        Karl Hexenmeister flooed into the transportation station, carrying Hans, who was just about too big to do that much longer, but Hansel's accent was too uncertain to be sure he'd arrive in the right... more
        • Alleviating boredom.Sonia Vorontsova and Family, Thu May 30 12:46
          Sonia was bored. This was not, in and of itself, inherently unusual. Sonia was often bored. She had, in fact, decided to accompany her family to see Tatya and Katya’s school out of boredom, which was ... more
      • Welcome!Professor Mary Brooding, Mon May 27 12:59
        Mary had been smiling because of course she was smiling. It was part of her job as greeter, but she also couldn't help herself when such exciting things were going on. Plus, she was meeting the... more
    • Party of two? No?Mathias Stones (Evelyn's Dad), Sun May 26 13:31
      Mathias was not eager for the concert, and had honestly considered not attending. The previous year hadn't required nearly so much of his attention, and he hoped that the school would put a stop to... more
      • Nope. Of four.Duncan, Angus and Whitney Brockert , Sun Jun 2 17:31
        Duncan gazed around the Cascade Hall.It had been awhile since he graduated and it was nice to see the old place. Juniper wasn't performing of course, but he still wanted to come see how she was... more
        • Oh, great.Mathias Stones, Sun Jun 2 23:15
          It had been a long time since he'd heard that greeting used, and smiled instantly at it. He'd been unfortunate to find work in a place that didn't care as much as they should about whether someone... more
          • Angus-"It sure is!"Duncan, Angus and Whitney, Fri Jun 7 17:31
            "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Stones." Angus replied warmly. The name was vaguely familiar, he thought they might be a family who produced people of decent magical ability, even if they weren't... more
            • I'm glad to have met you tonight. Mathias Stones, Sun Jun 9 23:19
              Mathias realized with some self-disgust that he had no idea what Evelyn was good at or if she was actually good at anything. Her mother was as good a potions brewer as any squib could be, and it was... more
              • ThanksDuncan, Angus and Whitney, Tue Jun 11 14:31
                "Oh very much so." Angus replied. Most witches and wizards never accomplished that, or even tried. Possibly because it was something that had to be regulated and registered, which really wasn't a... more
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